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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missouri Republican "Shoots" Tea Party Messenger Instead of Heeding the Message

(Picture of Jamilah Nasheed(center) and Talibdin El-Amin(left) at New Black Panthers Rally)

It has been shown through history that Leaders who wish to take away from their own failings will often 'Shoot' the messenger instead of taking the blame or heeding the message. It appears a Missouri Republican hasn't learned from that history.

Recently there has been a big fight brewing in Missouri over who will control the St. Louis Police, The City or the State.

I exposed several weeks ago that the last Politician,Talibdin El-Amin, who sponsored the local control bill in 2008 was not only corrupt, but connected to the radical racist organization, the Nation of Islam. It would seem that the current sponsor of the local control bill may have eerily similar connections.

Darin, over at Reboot Congress, has reported that Representative Jamilah Nasheed, the sponsor of the current local control bill in the Missouri Legislature, has connections to the radical, racist New Black Panther Party. Here is the Video:

Ironically enough, Talibdin El-Amin was also at this Rally with Jamilah Nasheed and the New Black Panthers, which the picture at the top of the article clearly shows.

If you look to see who co-sponsored the local control bill you will find that it is the Missouri Republican Speaker of the House, Steven Tilley.

When Representative Tilley was faced with this new information delivered by Darin, he decided to fall back on the old progressive playbook and "Shoot the Messenger", instead of reevaluating his allies and maybe even his position. According to an Article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch he accused those who are against the local control bill of "Race Baiting":

"The St. Louis Tea Party has pushed back against comments by Republican House Speaker Steven Tilley, who in floor debate over the local control bill suggested that opponents of local control had engaged in "race baiting." (A previous version of this post said that Tilley accused the Tea Party of race-baiting. Tilley never mentioned the Tea Party in his comments)."
It would seem that Representative Tilley would rather blame Reboot Congress and those who oppose his bill,for Representative Nasheed's connections than face the fact he may be working with a radical.
But the problem is Representative Tilley doesn't know how Radical Representative Nasheed really is.

Rep Nasheed's radical connections do not begin and end with the New Black Panther Party. Like Talibdin El-Amin, she is also connected to another radical, racist organization, the Nation of Islam.

According to an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch Jamilah Nasheed had a rough life:

"Jenise Williams (aka Jamilah Nasheed) and her twin brother, Jahid, were the third and fourth children born to Vietnam veteran Jerome Gaines and Agnes Williams. The twins never knew their father; he was fatally shot a month before their birth.

Despondent over the murder, Agnes Williams committed suicide when Nasheed was 3.

Years later, the owners of the cemetery where Williams was buried contacted Nasheed. They wanted permission to move her mother's body to another site to accommodate construction of the MetroLink route to the airport.

Nasheed never responded.

"I was so bitter that I left her there, and I don't know where she is. Even if I wanted to go see her now, I wouldn't know where to go," she said.

Nasheed and her brothers moved in with a grandmother. Enrolled in city elementary schools, Nasheed received average grades until her family history and life in a public housing complex began to take a toll.

At 12, she joined a gang. Two years later, Nasheed knifed a girl in a competing gang.

"We were fighting, my job was to do that," she explained. The victim recovered from minor wounds. "When I grew up, I apologized."

As she grew up one of her big influences was the radical, racist, anti-Semitic, Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam:

"Undeterred by a short stint in juvenile detention, Nasheed — who started driving at 13 — often skipped school to ride the streets listening to the sermons of Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan."

Louis Farrakhan is well known for his hatred of everyone especially the jewish population. In this video he talks about how the "Satanic Jews" have taken over BET:

And according to Beliefnet.com the Nation of Islam also reflects racist beliefs:

"The Nation of Islam's declared aim is the raising of the moral, social, and economic standing of non-whites. This has included the vilification of the dominant group, white Caucasians, even to the point of calling whites the personification of evil and maintaining that the white race is an aberration, the human race having originally been black. Therefore, according to this theory, blacks must pursue separate development. By turning racist ideas around to oppose whites, the movement has attracted many adherents and has had particularly good success in converting prisoners, criminals, and drug users."
Below is a Video of a British Member of the Nation of Islam describing how the church believes the 'White Man' was created:

Shortly after listening to the racist rantings of Louise Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Representative Nasheed converted to Islam:

"She left Roosevelt High School for good in her junior year and continued the downward spiral until fate intervened in the form of a pamphlet on the Islamic faith, handed to her by a heroin addict in a housing complex.

Drawn to the message in the pamphlet, the 17-year-old embraced a deity for the first time.

Of the addict, who died soon after, she said: "He killed a life to save a life."

Shortly after, Jenise Williams adopted the names Jamilah, which means "beautiful," and Nasheed, which means "seek in God."

What does it mean when we begin to see a trend developing that shows the sponsors of the first local control bill and the second local control bill are both affiliated with radical, racist organizations?

It means we need to take a step back, slow down and look harder at some of those who want local control....and why.

It also means that Representative Tilley needs to spend less time Shooting the Messenger....

And More Time Heeding the Message.


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