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Friday, February 25, 2011

Missouri Democrat and SEIU to Bring Wisconsin Union "Fightback" To Missouri

SEIU and the Democrats seem to be ramping up the Violent Rhetoric.

According to the Communist Party USA news, People's World, Missouri SEIU Representative, Clark Brown, said that the "Right Wing" were not ready for the Union Fightback in Wisconsin:

"Brown added, "The right-wing extremists did not expect this kind of fightback. It is an amazing display of collective power and solidarity of all workers."

As bad as that is, Missouri Democratic Representative, Clem Smith, says they need to bring the "Fightback" here to Missouri:

"State Representative Clem Smith (D-71), a former autoworker and current machinist, told the People's World, "We need to do what they are doing in Wisconsin here! So-called right-to-work legislation, the attempt to repeal child labor laws, English-only provisions and attacks on our minimum wage! They have gone too far. We have to stop them."

Tomorrow at Noon SEIU and other Progressive organizations are having a Protest in Jefferson City so as to bring that Union "Fightback" to Missouri.

But Tea Parties all over the State, and other Conservative groups, have organized a Counter Rally on the steps of the Capitol in Jefferson City Tomorrow.

Be sure to bring your family and friends to let the SEIU and their Thugs know We Will Not Tolerate any "Fightback" here in the State of Missouri.

It's time to put them to shame....

If they bring 200 Thugs ... We Bring 2,000 Peaceful Patriots.

So to all of you "Tea Party Protest Veterans" it's time to once again come participate in a Peaceful Rally to show the Progressive Thugs that we will not be intimidated Now, Tomorrow.......

Not Ever.

For More Information on the Patriot Rally go HERE.


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