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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Michelle Obama's Advice to Parents: Lie and Trick your Kids so They are Not Fat

Hat Tip The Blaze



Anonymous said...

NO, you should not lie to your kids, and trick them. you should tell your kids the truth about nutrition, diet, and exercise, another words educate them, then allow them to make there own decisions. when i was a kid i could not leave the table before i ate at least 2 bites of a vegatable, why cant parents just do this now?? this BS that kids just wont do this nowadays is exactly that BS.

Robert said...

Is it any wonder, seeing this initiative, that an entire generation of kids don't trust their parents.
MAYBE it's due to people encouraging parents to lie to their children!

Sorry, I'm interjecting logic and fact into a situation (Mrs Obama) which involves neither.

Van said...

Hey, at least they're being consistent.

They treat us like children, and insist on lying and nudging us for our own good, and they treat they're own children the same way.

Go figure.