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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Islamic Peace TV on Women: "Beat Lightly, Beat Like a Tooth Brush, Don't Beat on the Face, Don't Leave a Mark."

The Man asked the question about the meaning of the word daraba as it pertains to women. The Imam then explains that darada means "Sexual Intercourse" and "Beat Lightly" depending on what the prophet meant by the word. He Never says to Not Beat Women.

According to religioustolerance.org Chapter 4 of the Qur'an is titled "An-Nisa" (women). The English translation of the verse says:

"Verse 34 say that a rebellious woman should initially be admonished. Then she is to be left alone and cut off from sexual activity with her husband. Finally, if she does not end her rebelliousness, she is to be beaten. Some translations state that only light corporal punishment is to be used. However, if they do end their rebelliousness and obey, then they are to be forgiven and not further harmed or harassed."

The Imam in this video seems to agree with this translation. His comments are during the First three minutes of the Video:


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