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Sunday, February 27, 2011

High School Student Hands Out Constitutions to Union Members and is Threatened With a TEABAGGING

Recently in Jefferson City Missouri, Tea Party Groups from all over the State gathered to Rally in support of Governor Walker in Wisconsin. At the same time on the other side of the Capitol Building, Union Members were rallying in support of the Teachers and other Unions occupying the Wisconsin Capitol.

Patrick, a 17 year old high school student, wished to spread the word about Liberty and bravely decided to go to the Union side of the Capitol and distribute free copies of the Constitution.

Having already heard of the violent nature of some of the Union Thugs at the other rally, I lent him a "Black Box", a small hand held video camera, for his own safety. I'm lucky I did....

While several Union Members Thanked him for the document, others were not so pleased to see Patrick practicing Liberty Evangelism.

Several thugs asked him if he was paid by the Koch Brothers and some other "Dirty Old Man" seemed to want to demonstrate a little 'Tea Bagging' on him.

The Video below consists of joint footage from the "Black Box" and from the flip camera of Citizen Journalist, Adam Sharp, who came to Patrick's rescue (Not that he needed it).

The Date is not accurate on the "Black Box" video, this event took place on Feb 26th, 2011:



Anonymous said...

They always think we are being paid. I've been asked that so many times. It must be because a lot of them ARE paid.

Anonymous said...

I guess that old guy who said someone "looked like one" needed a response of "it takes one to know one". Of course that would be evil on our part. Sexual comments to an underaged young man. These union thugs keep stooping lower.

Marketing IM Internet said...

Whats with the red white and blue teabag? Do tea partiers actually promote the term teabagger? jw

Hifi said...

I am curious if there is legal recourse for the older guy making sexual references to a minor? Either way it showed a real class on the part of the young man passing out the constitutions. If there are still kids out there like that, then just maybe there is hope for this country yet.

NoMore said...

Sorry, I do not know what that means, sexually.
Guess I will have to search it....don't know if I want to.
Is it gay???

clarion said...

Does the comment directed at the HS student constitute paedophilia? Should the authorities be contacted?

Anonymous said...

Those union goons don't look like the type that would defend a gay guys rights in a dark alley, just sayin'.

Hifi said...


Without trying to be too graphic teabagging is basically when a guy dangles his testicles in the mouth and nose area of another persons face. A sexual reference by all means and begs me to question again like Clarion did that given this young man was a minor if the authorities should be involved.

Anonymous said...

Never understood why "teabagger" is a putdown from them. I would much rather be a "teabagger" than the "teabaggee"

Buffoon said...

There won't be any repercussions. Why do you think they do it? They know they can get away with it.

Our society has become so F'd up that it will take some pretty drastic measures to correct it.

Until we get the stomach for it, this crap will continue.

With that said, the "kid" wasn't 9 or 10 and surely he knew what kind of animal he would encounter.

Things like this will make us lose focus of the real problems we face.

Jamie J. Delton said...

Someone has to decide if they're gay or not; and it's not the 17 year old.

Jamie J. Delton said...