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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Government Unions are Fertile Ground in Which To Plant the Seeds of Tyranny

Unions may be a necessary deterrent to keep some unethical business owners from mistreating their employees. But the idea of collective bargaining has no place when it comes to Government Employees.

While the Union Rank and File represent a wide variety from the Political Spectrum, Traditionally Union Leadership tend to support one Political Ideology and therefore One Political Party. This blind allegiance to One Party can be Dangerous, if Not Deadly, to a Representative Democracy.

How you might ask?

When a Union Fails to Represent the Rights of the Workers and Instead becomes a Tool of Intimidation for a Political Ideology they transform into a Weapon of Tyranny that can be called upon to override the Will of the People.

If every Teacher, Police Officer, Fireman, Sanitary Worker and Street Sweeper hold Allegiance to a Union and it's Political Interest over the Allegiance to the Job, Country, State or Community they Serve then they will wield Dictatorial Power. Because United they have the power to shut down any city, state or country until their demands are met.

An Example of this "Dictatorial Power" happened in Greece where Government Unions Shut Down Athens Protesting Budget Cuts:

No Group, Individual or Organization should have that kind of power. Since in that type of Dictatorial Power Lay the Fertile Grounds in which to plant the Seeds of Tyranny.

When Politicians are Elected by the People to Represent their Constitutional interests, then the Politicians should be allowed to do their duty and not be intimidated by Unions who have an Agenda Separate from the People.

Some might ask what will Government Employees do if they don't have a Union to protect them from a Government that might want them to work for slave wages?

My Advice to them is to Follow the Example of Our Brave Men and Women in Uniform who Get Paid Less Than a Union Street Sweeper...

Serve Your Country BECAUSE You Want to Serve Your Country....

Not Because You Want to Make $20 an Hour or Push a Progressive Agenda.



Anonymous said...

Well said! I often wonder why this logic isn't understood. I guess many peopledon't see the big picture, or they just don't care.

Anonymous said...

I love it: France couldn't surrender fast enough to a homicidal maniac, but rioted in the streets when the retirement age was raised.

Thankfully, even hardcore liberal Mrs. Sarkozy is starting to see the light ...
And folks, not to get preachy, but please don't forget to pray.