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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Female Union Thug Chants In Man's Face

No Idea... What the Hell this lady is on... Wow.



Anonymous said...

That was probably one of the most ineffective displays of sanity I've seen in quite a while. Who would want to join in support with or become a union member after seeing this most ridiculous display of conversation? That woman was quite remarkable in her low level of discourse. I am impressed with the gentleman's restraint and sense of humor in the face of such an incredibly useless style of persuasion.

Really, madam, you must attend Toastmasters. It will assist you in your message for better delivery and results. Repeating one word at the maximum level of your vocal range into someone's face will not assist you in your goal. I daresay that gentleman was not scared of you in the least and I imagine that was your intent.

Van said...

I suppose when you only know one thing... might as well stick with it.

Wouldn't want to look stupid or anything.

Hifi said...

At one time I had an ex wife that sounded like that.

Anonymous said...

In addition to video cameras, maybe you should carry some breath mints, too. Whew!

Anonymous said...

I agree veahmently, that man showed great humor and restraint in dealing with (loud mouth).