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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Democrats Call for Justice Thomas to "Sit Out" Future Health Care Ruling Due to 'Tea Party Wife'



Van said...

I was wondering how they'd attack the judiciary. I didn't think they'd wait until after a ruling, and ignoring all of the lower courts rulings could only go so far... but this is as dangerous as algore's trying to spin the hanging chad vote count in 2000... I expect things to really heat up this year.

Bad bad ju-ju.

Btw, one way to confirm that Thomas has been one of the best Justices in the last hundred years (and nearly the only one with an unabashed view of Natural Law, which this nation was founded upon), is this quote from the aptly named Weiner:

"...I think that frankly he's gotten just about every case wrong since he's been on the bench..."

There ya go.

H.C. said...

We don't even want to get into what the other justice's wives do!
And my brother should not have re-education benefits after losing his job, due to whatever, because his wife is a tea-partier?

Anonymous said...

Should have known it was
"weiner"....the name suits him perfectly.....he is a real idiot and obnoxious at that!!! Why would anyone listen to this moron? Remember him about Goldline and Glenn Beck? Another Marxist with his propaganda, trying to gag the conservatives and our Constitution