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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Democrats Bill to Give Ports "Local" 'Congressional' "Power" to "Enact, Enforce and Implement Environmental Programs".

Have you ever wondered how the Environmental Progressives are ever going to pass a Bill basically outlawing "Diesel" Trucks so that they can be replaced with something 'Greener'? They couldn't attempt to do it in the open since the Citizens would raise Holy Hell at the thought of having to spend more on products hauled in trucks as the Cost of Spending Millions of Dollars on more "Earth" friendly vehicles is passed on to the consumer. A Bill like that would never get past Congress.

I guess the Progressives know that and have decided to take a page from the Hugo Chavez Playbook by using the "Back Door".

On February 9th, New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler, and 50 Co-Signers, introduced a Bill titled "The Clean Ports Act of 2011".

According to Representative Nadler's own website this Bill will give 'Congress' type powers to over 150 Port Authorities that will enable them to Enact, Enforce and Implement Environmental Programs involving Diesel Trucks:

"The bill, which has 50 original co-sponsors, would amend the Federal Motor Carrier Act to allow ports to enact and enforce clean truck programs and implement environmental programs above the current federal requirements. This update to federal law would confirm that port cities like Los Angeles, New York, Newark, Oakland and Seattle possess the legal authority to set the standards needed to replace diesel trucks with clean diesel and alternative energy vehicles in order to reduce pollution in a manner that has negligible effect on consumer prices, lowers public health costs for taxpayers, and does not unfairly burden the workers who haul cargo to and from U.S. seaports."

Imagine all of the Local Port Authorities given the Power to Create and Enforce Environmental Laws concerning Diesel Trucks with no accountability what so ever. Rep. Nadler claims that this Bill would not "Unfairly Burden" the Workers who haul the Cargo to and from the Ports across the Highways of the United States. That in fact this would only apply to Trucks used "In and Around the Port".

But according to an Article in the Communist Party USA News, People's World, that isn't exactly true:

"The Clean Ports Act would open the way for others to follow the lead of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which in 2008 launched a program to replace thousands of old, polluting trucks with clean-burning and alternative fuel vehicles. As a result, pollution dropped significantly and the regional economy registered gains despite the recession.

The Los Angeles port also sought to require trucking companies to sign comprehensive concession agreements, including hiring drivers as employees and taking responsibility to maintain truck fleets. But this is now on hold pending the final outcome of the American Trucking Associations' lawsuit against the employee-driver requirement.

(emphasis added)

"We know that for these trucks to be replaced promptly and to be no longer polluting the air in nearby communities, companies need to step up and take responsibility for the trucks and their workers," Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports spokesperson Coral Lopez said in a telephone interview. As long as companies can misclassify workers as independent contractors, she said, "we are going to continue the cycle of poverty and pollution."

So if the Court Rules in the Port's Favor, then this Bill Will Force All of the independent contractors to work for a trucking company and be subject to the Port Authority Environmental Laws in order to Haul Goods to and from the Ports or go out of Business.

Rep Nadler would have you believe that the reason for this is because the companies, not the individual, would be bearing the expense of switching out their Old Diesel Trucks for New 'Greener' Ones.

But History shows us it's easier for a Government to Control a Few Hundred Large Companies than it is for them to Control Hundreds of Thousands of smaller Independent ones.

This Bill to Replace Old Diesel Trucks only in and around Ports is an obvious 'Back Door' attempt to Force the Hundreds of Millions of over the road trucks entering and leaving Over 150 Ports across the Country to be subject to the "Environmental Laws" created by Port Authorities without having to ask the States or Congress for permission.

Carl Pope, Chairman of the Sierra Club, justifies this 'Back Door' approach because "Collectively" we have failed to do otherwise:

“Our collective failure to protect the public from diesel pollution is a moral outrage and a shame on our nation,” said Carl Pope, Chairman of the Sierra Club. “Fortunately, the Obama Administration appreciates that Americans want and deserve clean air and the good jobs that accompany it. In the case of Los Angeles, there’s a proven track record of success. Congress should embrace this local green-growth model and take action to protect it.”

Rep Nadler's website even goes on further to suggest that those Who Play Ball with the Administration will Grow by being a "Responsible Business". Also in order to get this Bill passed the Progressives would like to Hide it in the Transportation Reauthorization Bill :

“This bill is a simple way for Washington to help local governments boost the green job sector, reduce pollution, improve public health, and help responsible businesses grow and compete(emphasis added) to strengthen the national economy, and it belongs in the transportation reauthorization bill,” said David Foster, Executive Director of the BlueGreen Alliance. “We commend Rep. Nadler and look forward to working with both chambers of Congress to remove this barrier to progress.”

It's Ironic that those who support this Bill claim it's Congress giving "Local" power to the Ports in order to help them be 'Greener'.

When Actually it's just Big Government.....

In Local Sheep's Clothing.



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