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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Communists Allied with Muslim Brotherhood Vow to "Continue the Revolution" in Egypt

There are many who look for, even pray for, chaos to erupt in a country so that they may utilize it in order to come to power. The "Many" in most cases are the Communists.

So the Chaos in Egypt is a Communist Dream.

According to an Article on The New American, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Communist Party of Egypt have a long history together:

"In a 2006 briefing paper — The Roots of Islamist Ideology — published by the Centre for Research into Post Communist Economies, Robert R. Reilly makes note of the fact that Qutb (A leading Islamic theological scholar for the Muslim Brotherhood)had attended the Communist International, as the principle liaison for the Muslim Brotherhood.

This Qutbo-Leninist factor was just one facet of the Muslim Brotherhood’s linkage to Communism.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s unholy alliance with Communism stretches as far back to the 1940s and '50s during the early days of the Cold War, when Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin had his eyes set on the Communist takeover of Egypt.

“In such countries as Egypt or China, the Communists must pass from the policy of a United Nation front to the policy of a revolutionary bloc of workers and petty bourgeoisie. A party with such a dual composition is both necessary and expedient as long as it facilitates the actual leadership of the revolutionary movement by the Communist party,” Stalin said.

In November 1951, in an article entitled “Detailed Stalin Plan is Coming True,” AP foreign news analyst William L. Ryan noted in The Telegraph-Herald: “Communists have infiltrated heavily in the Muslim brotherhood, now in the forefront of the chaos in Egypt after having been suppressed for some time.”

In October 1954 upon the signing of the Anglo-Egyptian agreement on Britain’s troop withdrawal from the Suez Canal zone, Communist and Muslim Brotherhood protesters took to the streets of Cairo inciting acts of violence as they celebrated.

The subsequent year, in Aleppo, Syria, students with Communist, Socialist and Muslim Brotherhood affiliations violently demonstrated against the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes and his proposal for a Middle East Treaty Organization (METO; latter renamed the Central Treaty Organization — CENTO) with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Britain.

The Islamist and leftist students were heard shouting “Syria refuses imperialist pacts.” Although Syria never did join CENTO, the demonstrations in Aleppo resulted in twenty students and four policemen sent to hospitals — a story all to similar to the events transpiring in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia now.

In an interview on January 14, 2011, Salah Adly of the Communist Party of Egypt (CPE) referred to the Muslim Brotherhood as “the maximum right” and although he claimed “we do not ally ourselves with them,” he nevertheless said, “but we are coordinating some of the issues of democracy and an end to a state of emergency against the practices of torture and to guarantee free elections.” (Emphasis added).

In discussing some of the problems the Communist Party has had with the Muslim Brotherhood he admits to “alliances made with them in recent years.”

Here is a Video that shows Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood actively protesting during Revolutions in Egypt and Jordon:

What may be truly disturbing is according to a posting on the Communist Party of Egypt's website, the Tyrant Mubarak being removed wasn't enough. They have vowed to Continue the Revolution (Pardon the Google Translation from Arabic):

"Egyptian Communist Party congratulates the Egyptian people, the great historic victory over dictatorship and tyranny and corruption, has completed the first revolution of its demands and the most important of which is dropped and the dictator and his entourage of this historic victory is a victory for the Arab peoples and the peoples of the world aspiring to freedom and human dignity and social justice.

We paid a tribute to the hundreds of martyrs and wounded a thousand smart people who paved the blood and sacrifices of the great road to the victory of the revolution.

As we pay tribute to the parties and forces that supported the Egyptian people in the Arab world and in all countries of the world and we promise to continue the revolution to achieve the demands of the people in the extract rights, democracy and social and national I experienced the revolution in three weeks, the glorious days of difficult and conspiracies large anal tails of the system and the forces of counter-revolution and Almstnfdin him and was able to abort all these plots as a result of the steadfastness and courage of the great Egyptian people, who revealed this revolution stored civilization and ancient heritage.

Egypt opens a new line had its people in blood and sacrifices of his sons to wrest their rights and achieve a fair claim to live in dignity in a free country.

Long live the revolution, the Egyptian people

Egyptian Communist Party"

So before you start Jumping Up and Down in Celebration of the fact that there are People in the Streets of Egypt Jumping for Joy...

You May Want to take a Closer Look and See who "The People" Are.



Van said...

Good post.

"You May Want to take a Closer Look and See who "The People" Are."

Unfortunately this could be a case of bad news and worse news... on the one hand they might be supporting them without having looked closer, and on the other hand they might be supporting them because they have looked closer.

Whichever hand it is, we've still got to defeat them, and every bit of ammo helps.

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a communist nation without a dictator? I can’t think of one. The political vultures are circling. May the Egyptian people find freedom.

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Van said...

(Was that Joe Biden telling another joke?)

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