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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Communists Admit Fight in Wisconsin is About Defending "Labor's Ability to Organize its Members for Political Action"

The Union members in Wisconsin scream as loud as possible that they are protesting to keep their "Right to Collective Bargaining" and it's Not about the Money. Well if they are not interested in keeping Collective Bargaining in order to get better wages why would they want it?

According to the Communist Party USA, the Protest is really about something else more Political.

In an Article titled On Wisconsin! Show your solidarity. The Communist Party USA talks about how they stand in Solidarity with the unions in Wisconsin and elsewhere. But they also discuss what they believe the goal of the Republican Governor's actions really are and in essence what they are defending:

" This attack has nothing to do with deficit reduction. It is a carefully coordinated plan to destroy public worker unions and weaken labor's ability to organize its members for political action."

So it would seem that, according to the Communists, the Reason for the Governor's Attack must be the same one causing the Union to Protest.

In order to Defend Labor's Ability to Organize it's members for Political Action...

In support of Democrats.


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