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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Communist Party Mandates Members Join Unions to "Abolish the Capitalist System" and Reorganize into a "Socialist Society".

You work hard, pay your union dues and all you want to do is provide for your family while enjoying the fruits of your labor.

But the person working next to you all day may be working towards another goal....

The Destruction of Capitalism.

According to the Communist Party USA Constitution all members must join their local union:

"SECTION 5. All Party members who are eligible must belong to their respective labor unions. If no union exists at a Party member’s place of employment, he or she shall strive to organize, or help to organize, a labor union whenever possible."

For what purpose you ask? To Strive and work for the Aims and Policies of the Party while spreading the word about Communism:

"SECTION 2. A member shall strive to attend all club meetings. Members shall continually strive to improve their political knowledge and their understanding of Marxism-Leninism, to take part in the discussion of Party policy, to initiate activities, to work of the aims and policies of the Party, and to seek to win new members to its ranks. They shall also read, circulate and help improve Party publications. All members shall circulate the press and make work with the press central to their mass activity. "

But what is the Main Goal of the Communist Party USA? The Destruction of Capitalism of Course:

"Our party fights for jobs and economic security, a decent and rising standard of living, peace, justice, equality, a sustainable environment, gay rights, health care, education, affordable housing, the needs of seniors, democracy, and a fulfilling life for everyone, with socialism as our goal. Only through the abolition of the capitalist system and the socialist reorganization of society can exploitation of human beings by others, and the evils of oppression, war, racism, environmental degradation, and poverty be ended. We seek to build a socialist society which puts people and nature before profits."

The Communist Party sees the Unions as a Vehicle to accomplish their Goals. In every nation where Socialism Reigns, the Marxists have utilized and organized the Unions in order to destroy the current economic system and replace it with Socialism.

Does this mean every Member of a Union is a Marxist? No...

But what this means is that while American Loving Members of Unions go to work and pay their dues, other members of the union, and even the union leadership, have their own Agenda which very well seems to include....

The Destruction of the United States and the Capitalist System.


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