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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Communist Loving AFL-CIO Supports Creation of Egyptian 'Socialist' Workers Federation

It would seem that the Communist Loving AFL-CIO is now spreading it's Philosophy of Supporting anyone that shares their "Collective Values" to include a 'Socialist' style Federation now forming in the Chaos of Egypt.

According to the Communist Party USA News, People's World, Egyptian Unions are now uniting under the banner of the "Egyptian Federation of Independent Unions".

The Demands of this New Federation are like a Christmas List written by Karl Marx:

"In a Jan. 30 declaration the new Egyptian Federation of Independent Unions said its demands include the right to organize and the right to work at a decent minimum wage, rather than be unemployed.

The new confederation also demanded "the right for all Egyptian citizens to fair social security including the right to health care, housing, education - ensuring free education and syllabus development to cope with science and technology evolution - and the right for all retired to decent pensions and benefits."

"Egypt is going through historical moments," the new federation declared. "Its people is courageously struggling to defend the right to live a decent life... the right to dignity, freedom and social justice... to decent opportunities and just pay... to a democratic society for all, offering every single citizen a share in its wealth and GNP... a society that does not allow few to buy private jets whereas the rest of the population cannot even afford public transportation... a society that refuses to pay the top of the pyramid salaries higher thousand of time than minimum wage."

Shortly after this 'Socialist' Federation was formed, the AFl-CIO quickly jumped in to support their efforts:

"We salute you in this brave endeavor" of forming the new labor federation "and join the international labor movement in standing with you," Trumka added. "The peoples' movement for democracy in Egypt and the role unions are playing for freedom and worker rights inspires us and will not be forgotten," he concluded"."

Don't let the Words "Democracy" make you to think that Trumka means a "Jeffersonian, Constitutional Republic" type Freedom. The Communist Party USA and the Socialists of the world have often used the words "Freedom and Democracy" as ways to justify the Destruction of Individual Liberty in exchange for the "Good" of the "Whole".

An Absolute Democracy is nothing more than Mob Rule where an Individual's Liberty can be just as easily Destroyed as if that Individual Lived in a Dictatorship. An Elective Despotism is Still Despotism. So if Egypt becomes a 'Democracy' based upon Sharia Law and Socialism you can imagine the word "Freedom" will have a new meaning.

A Republic is the best form of Government to safeguard Individual Liberties since it restricts the Representatives of the People to what is allowed in the Constitution. But even a Republican can be corrupted if the populace lose their sense of values where the Rights of Man are no longer respected but are instead replaced by a sense of entitlement. Where "Rights" come at the expense of an other's Liberty and Despotism is no longer recognized as such but becomes the Acceptable Societal Norm.

It appears under Trumka's Leadership, the AFL-CIO has ceased to stand for the "Rights" of workers but instead has become a Vehicle for spreading 'Socialist Progressive Despotism' here in the United States and Around the World.



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You know, died in the wool Fascists like you should keep your mouth shut.

Iron Monkey said...

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