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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Commie "Red School Bus Tour": Obama's Election was a "Big Part" Towards a Socialist Economy; Tea Party, Beck Won't Stop The Change; Beck Needs a Life

This is the video from the Commie Red School Bus Tour's First stop in Los Angeles.

During the Video the speaker discusses how the World is leaning towards Socialism and How Obama's Election was a Big Part of that:

(3:22)(Cuba) is coming out of this period of (no idea what he said) and so forth and becoming a more prosperous and more successful Socialist Economy. That's the Direction of the World. If People really understand this trend of change, then we have to understand that the Election of Obama was a big part of it.(3:46)

The Speaker goes on to talk about how the Communists need to team up with Democrats and other in order for them to succeed:

(7:12) We Communists are not indifferent, we may not agree with some of our Democratic friends, we may not agree with some of our movement partners. People that are working on the same things for jobs, equality and justice. But we got better sense than to stand on the sideline and criticize. We get in there we work with people of different points of view and help them build a broad peoples coalition that's the key to us being able to succeed.(7:36)

Finally it appears the Communist are not very fond of Glen Beck, my article or The Tea Party and claim we can't stop the "Change":

(10:00) And No Tea Party, No Glenn Beck.. who apparently doesn't like the fact we Communists meet and have an education (no idea what he said) he has made an issue of that. I think that man ought to get a life. Despite all that those people are not going to be able to stop this wave of change that's going on.(10:25)

Here is the Video it's only 13 minutes long.

If your having trouble seeing the Video Refresh the Page Until you do or Go HERE.



Anonymous said...

What a pile of s#!t. Manure salesman with a mouthful of samples! Is this practicing to be a politician? Double speak out of both sides of the mouth! Did he get up on the desk and dance too?

Anonymous said...

“Cuba is coming out of this period of economic austerity…” Ironic the speaker mentions this. How is Cuba doing it? Free enterprise. They’re allowing a limited number of citizens to open their own businesses in an attempt to improve the country’s economy, because as Castro recently said, socialism doesn’t work.

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