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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wash U Student Hypocrisy: Protests about Paying Bristol Palin but None for Paying Communist Van Jones

If you have ever wondered how far the "Progressive Left" have seized control and brainwashed our children in the Universities, wonder no longer.

As you may have heard, Bristol Palin was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at Washington University's Sexual Responsibility Week this year. But due to complaints, and threatened protests by students over Bristol's $20,000 speaking fee, it has been cancelled. The Main complaint about Bristol's fee is that it was to be paid out of the Student Union Treasury.

The Question I ask those Student's Protesting the Cost of Bristol Palin's fee is..

Where the Hell were you when the Student Union paid for the appearance of the Communist Van Jones?

Last November avowed Communist and X-Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, came to Washington University as apart of the Assembly Series to speak to students about "Green Jobs".

I attended this event with my Buddy, Adam Sharp, and we were escorted out while being accused of working for Fox News. Here is my Video:

The Washington University Assembly Series is, according to their website, supported by certain groups including the University and the Student Union:

"Support for the series comes from Student Union and the University, as well as from other student groups, academic departments, and schools."

While I do not know the exact amount paid to Van Jones to speak at Washington University, I have a pretty good Idea. According to Van Jones Booking Agents website, his Booking Fee ranges from $20,001 to $30,000.

So I have to wonder what would cause some Students of Washington University to willingly help pay for the appearance of a Communist like Van Jones, but not for Bristol Palin?

An actual concern over Student Union Funds?

Or Progressive Hypocrisy?

According to an Article in "Student Life" Van Jones was to be paid $20,000, but because someone called in a favor it only cost them $5,000.
Hat Tip The Blaze

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