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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sheeple Who Believe the Progressive Media BS about the Tea Party "Rhetoric"

I know there are many of you ask yourself .....Who actually believes this Inaccurate Garbage that the Progressives are spewing about the Tea Party "Rhetoric" causing the Shooting in Arizona?

So I grabbed a few videos of Sheeple who seem to believe anything they hear on television.

You know what is scary is that these People Vote.

Nice Shower Curtain Reverend...

Umm.. Ok..

Civil War? Wth??

Racist Rhetoric? A Sarah Palin Poster Caused a Shooting? Really?

I know this is 15 minutes of your life you want back, but you have to understand why Progressivism still exists. Uninformed People like this We Will Never Get Through to...

At least MSNBC won't have a Shortage of Future Reporters.


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