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Sunday, January 30, 2011

President of 'Charity' Organization Funding Commie 'Red Bus Tour' Says: "There are ALOT of Things to Admire about the Cuban Revolution."

(Execution conducted during Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution.)

You may have read my Article about how a group of Young Communists who "Support All forms of Revolution, including Violence" are taking a 'Red Bus Tour' across the U.S. to Preach Marxism.

Many readers have wondered how this is possible? Where are these Young Communists getting the Funds to Travel Across the United States?

The Shocking Answer is.. From a Charity.

According to the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News Event Calender, the 'Red Bus Tour' is being funded by an Organization called the Chelsea Fund for Education.

It was not an easy task to hunt down who was involved with the Chelsea Fund for Education. A Google Search Provided only the fact they were a Public Charitable Organization based out of New York City. No telephone number, Logo or even a Website. Odd for a Public Charitable Organization who you would think might want someone to get a hold of them in order to make a Donation.

Thanks to the Hard work of my Staff here at the P/Oed Patriot, we were able to uncover the Income Tax forms from 2002-2009 of the Charity. Not Surprisingly, according to the 2009 forms, the Board of Directors for the Chelsea Fund for Education is a veritable Who's Who of the CPUSA:

President- Elena Mora-Former Chair of the New York State CPUSA, Contributing Editor to Political Affairs Magazine and Board Member (National Organization Secretary) of the CPUSA.
Vice President- Roberta Wood-Chicago Based CPUSA member and is a trustee for the United Steelworkers of America.
Director-John Rummel-Reporter for People's World in Michigan
Director-Norman Markowitz-Writer for CPUSA publications: People's World and Political Affairs
Director-Libero Della Piana- State Chair of the New York State CPUSA
Secr/Treas-Adam Tenney - Educational Director for the Young Communist League
Elena Mora gave an interview to CNN in 2009 about the story of two American Communists Spying for Cuba. During this interview she says:
"There are Alot of things to admire about the Cuban Revolution, Alot of Things."
Here is a Video of the interview. Her Comments start at the 4:08 mark.

Here is a Video from Fox that shows Cuba's "Admirable" Health Care System that Elena Mora refers to:

Here are two more videos of Raw Footage taken in Cuban Hospitals:

So what else Might Elena Mora "Admire" about the "Cuban Revolution" besides the substandard Health Care?
Maybe the fact Castro threw homosexuals into Concentration camps ?
Or how about, according to an Article on Associated Content, Castro's Lieutenant Che Guevara, formed Death Squads:
"Che' becomes Castro's chief lieutenant and then the comandante of one of the largest guerilla bands. He is ruthless, frequently executing suspected traitors quickly and dispassionately. In a 1957 letter to his first wife (he remarried to a fellow guerilla in 1959), Che' writes, "I'm here in Cuba's hills, alive and thirsting for blood." In a letter to his father, he writes, "I really like killing." Che's instructions to a subordinate are simple: "If in doubt, kill him."

By 1959, with US aid cut off, the Batista regime is finished. Batista flees the country on New Years Day and the US recognizes the interim government six days later. After a vacation through Africa, Asia, and Yugoslavia, Che' returns to Cuba where he is placed in charge of Comision Depuradora, which includes the military courts and killing squads for former Batista supporters and government officials. All defendants are considered murderers and the appellate court automatically confirms all sentences. Habeas corpus rights are abolished. Che' says that rules of evidence are an "archaic bourgeois detail."

Or possibly the death tolls and imprisonment of innocent citizens during this "Admirable" Cuban Communist Revolution:

"According to the Black Book of Communism, by the mid-1960s, 14,000 Cubans have been executed without fair trials. 500,000 Cubans were incarcerated in labor camps. At one point, in 1961, one of every 19 Cubans was a political prisoner. Che' plays a major role in developing Castro's penal system and defends the executions publicly in 1964 after he had ceased to command the prison. He even dismisses his victims as "all CIA agents" before his death in 1967."

Here are some Photos of what happened during that "Admirable" Cuban Revolution Elena Mora speaks so Highly of (WARNING! Some are Graphic):

According to dominicantoday.com, the picture above is of:

"Fidel Castro questioning a Cuban farmer who was later executed. The woman behind Castro is Celia Sánchez and sitting next to him is Camilo Cienfuegos."

The pictures below are of Soldiers who disobeyed Castro's Orders, so they were executed.

It's easy to see how a Communist Charity, that is headed by someone who "Admires" the Communist Cuban Revolution, can fund a 'Red Bus Tour' that transports Young, Brainwashed, Revolutionary, Communist Radicals across the United States teaching Marxism.
But that Brings up More Questions...
Where does this Communist Charity get their Funding? What Else do they Do with their Money? How do they have over a Million Dollars in Net Assets when the CPUSA membership numbers in the mere hundreds ....maybe thousands?
That My friends, I hope to Answer in the Next Several Weeks.


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