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Monday, January 3, 2011

Organization Connected to Communists Says St. Louis Tea Party Finished 3rd For Scrooge of the Year

Every Year the Marxist based organization, Jobs with Justice, has a vote for the Scrooge of the Year.
According to the St. Louis Area Jobs with Justice, the St. Louis Tea Party Leadership placed third with 505 Votes. Here is the Screen Shot:

Now coming from an Organization that has a CPUSA Member on it's Leadership Team, Tony Pecinovsky, and lists among it's Member Organizations the Communist Party USA groups: The Friends of People's World and the Young Communist League, this 3rd Place is High Praise.
Because if the Communists and their Friends have been annoyed enough by the St. Louis Tea Party to Nominate them for Scrooge of the Year, then that means they have been effective.
I am willing to bet that Bill Hennessey and Dana Loesch are waiting with great anticipation for their Third Place Trophy from the Communists.
But since we know the Marxists have shared all their wealth and probably don't have any to pay for the creation of such an award, I have decided to do it for them...


I know that isn't the Best I can do, but Like the Communists would say

"Good Enough for Government Work."



Patsy said...

I would gladly print, frame and hang this award. I have that Mona Lisa smile every time I look at it. It's so nice to annoy a communist!

Robert said...

On behalf of college anti-communist conservative-wing radicals all over the St Louis area, I gladly accept this honor, and would like to thank all those responsible for making this award happen.