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Thursday, January 13, 2011

One of the Greatest All-In-One Books For Learning to "Live Off The Land"

You will Very Rarely see me do Product Endorsements. Especially Free Ones....

But I was given this book by a family member several weeks ago and it has amazed me. Country Wisdom and Know-How has to be one of the Most Complete Survival/Live off the Land All in One Books I have ever read.

I have quite a bit of Survival Gear and Books on specific Survival topics. But I have not seen a book like this that covers everything from how to make soap to how to raise livestock even how to weave baskets and grow a garden. It even has detailed descriptions of herbal remedies with illustrations. There is also a Section on How to make homemade Beer and Wine.

According to the Cover it has 8,167 Useful Skills and Step by Step Instructions plus 1,887 Illustrations.

Either as a Companion Piece or By Itself, this book is a Great Addition to your Survival Supplies.

You can purchase it online or in your Local Book store.

I believe My Family Member Bought it at Cracker Barrel. Yes, I couldn't believe it either.

By the Way, I am Not Making any Money off of this Endorsement, I was just so impressed with the Book that I had to tell you about it.


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