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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On MLK Day St. Louis Board of Alderman President Attacks: "Tea Party Driven By Hate, We Have To Get Out Everyday and Fight"

It would seem that some in the St. Louis Community forgot that Dr. Martin Luther King not only believed in Peaceful Protest, but in Militant Dissent. In this Documentary about Dr. King he says:

"I would hope that the President means what he says, that there should always be room for dissent. ...I believe it is possible to be militant and yet non-violent. I think I'm militant. Militancy means persistent, to be demanding be insistent."

The Tea Party subscribes to Dr. Kings beliefs that there is Room for Peaceful, Persistent, Demanding Dissent and Protest. But Many of the Democratic Progressives would rather attack them and claim that they are about Hate and Racism.

According to an Article on the Communist Party USA News, People's World, at an Event meant to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, a local St. Louis Alderman decided to Disgrace it with a statement of "Incivility".

During the Dr. Martin Luther King Black Unionist Human Rights Awards, the St. Louis Board of Alderman President, Lewis E Reed, decided to Attack the Tea Party in his speech:

"St. Louis board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed summed up the event when he said "the growth of the tea party is driven by hate. They are trying to turn our country around. However, we won't go back. We have to get out every day and fight."

That Statement of Hate Summed up the Event? I thought the Event was about Dr. King's Peaceful work for Human Rights.
It's nice to know that Alderman Lewis is using his $80,000 Taxpayer Paid Salary to preach hate about the Tea Party instead of Honoring Dr. King.
While we expect more from an Alderman who is supposed to respect all in his district, even Tea Party Members, he wasn't the only Speaker that day preaching "Tea Party Hate":

"The keynote speaker was Willie Baker, retired vice president of United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Baker said, "Ordinary people doing extraordinary things - that's what makes the difference. That's Dr. King's legacy."

"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about more than a dream," Baker added. ". He talked about making that dream come true. He talked about making America better."

A central theme throughout Baker's speech was the relationship between words and policy. Baker said "words matter; policy matters more."

"Don't get side-tracked by verbiage. Concentrate on policy," Baker added.

He said tea party rhetoric was dangerous because of its "political philosophy based on words of hate." However, he continued, it is their political agenda we should really be worried about. "America would not be the America we know today. It would not be the America Dr. King dreamed of," if the tea party gets its way."
It Never ceases to Amaze me how the Democratic Progressives are so quick to point fingers at supposed "Tea Party Violent Rhetoric" or label the Tea Party with words like "Hateful" or Racist", but they don't think twice about Disgracing an Event by Preaching Hate when it was meant to Honor a Man who supported Peaceful, Persistent Dissent and Protest.
If this Irony wasn't So Serious, it would be Laughable.



A resident of the US SR said...

For several years St. Louis has lead the nation in crime. Everytime one of these studies is reported, the mayor and everyone else at city hall cries "not true".

The shooting sprees that are common place in north St Louis are moving to south St. Louis.

Instead of Adlerman Lewis focusing on how Dr King would be disgusted with all of the shootings and murders committed mainly in the black areas of St. Louis, he decided to go after the Tea Party.
Whatelse could Lewis do? He doesn't have a message, and he doesn't have any solutions.

Mr. Baker and Mr. Lewis. Two peas in a pod. No message and no influence.

Anonymous said...

You should add some hard core Rap music to this post.
The indoctrination of the Black community and country (our kids) to Communist/Radical/Progressive agendas is a blinding eye-opener.
I they really do not care what it does TO the Black Community.
It is their agenda that rules.
(Nice stuff on that zazzle gadget there :)

commoncents said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING! I have several similar posts now up on CC...

Common Cents

Andrew Limanni said...

Patch - Second time I have posted about this - sorry - I support what you say and do but you weaken your case by have silly misspellings in your articles. It's "dissent", not "decent" - decent means a nice guy and dissent is peaceful disagreement. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE get spell-check. Andrew

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Rofl you are correct Andrew. Don't apologise for correcting my spelling/proper Grammer. Oddly enough I had several People read the article before I posted it and No One pointed that out(Not to mention the Hundreds that Read it after posting). Also Andrew Spell Check Doesn't catch those kinds of problems. Since Decent was spelled Properly, but not used in the proper context, it wasn't caught. There should be a Program to catch such errors but until there is I'll rely on you to point them out for me. No worries. Thanks Again.