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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama Wrong about Giffords "Opening Her Eyes for the First Time"

According to my Buddy Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit, President Obama's Feel Good Moment last night about "Gifford Opening Her Eyes for the First Time" is a farce. If you missed that here it is:

Actually Jim's Article says a Local News Paper claims she could Open her Eyes on Sunday:

"But, unfortunately it was not true.
The Sonoran Chronicle reported that Rep. Giffords could open her eyes on Sunday.
(The Sonoron has since pulled the article.)

The bullet “traveled the entire length of the brain on the left side,” said Dr. Rhee, Chief Trauma Surgeon at the University Medical Center, at a press conference on Sunday. In terms of being shot in the head, this is “about as good as it’s going to get,” said Rhee.

Giffords can open her eyes, but because she is on a ventilator she can’t speak, said Rhee.

The surgery took about two hours, said Rhee.

Rhee attributed Giffords’ surviving the gunshot wound to a variety of factors, including a fast response by paramedics, proper care by the hospital staff, and luck. The bullet did not cross from one hemisphere of the brain to the other, nor did it go through the geometric center of the brain"

So it appears the President not Only turned the Memorial into a Political Rally, but Lied while Doing it.

That is what I call Class....



Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder if the Ministry Of Propaganda had the Sonoron pull it's article to keep that little tidbit "true" in the eyes of people that don't research?

Zotta's Perspective said...
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Zotta's Perspective said...

Barack Hussein Obama LYING? I can't believe it. Then again his lips were moving. As for Gabby opening her eyes that has to be TRUE, after all Obama is the "Messiah." This "Memorial" was nothing more than a Pep Rally. Who gives tee-shirts out at a Memorial? The tee shirts and speech was from a 2008 Organizing for America (Barack Obama) blog. Rush said it best when he said Obama put the ME in memorial. I heard Obama means PHONY in Kenyan.