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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Obama Redefines "Freedom" as "Socialism": "Freedom Requires a Job, Housing, Education, Retirement and Health Care"

In the first 2 minutes of the President's recent speech to an organization called Families USA. He is able to redefine "Freedom" as "Socialism". He Says:

"For Many Freedom requires a Job that pays the Bills, Covers your Mortgage, helps you look after your children. It means a chance to send those Children to College. Save enough for Retirement. And it means access to quality affordable Health Care."

Actually Mr. President Freedom means that the Government gets the hell out of my life so I can do as I want. If that involves a Job, House, Education, Retirement or Health Care it will be up to the me, Not You or the Government.

But I do know someone who agrees with you Mr. President, the Socialist Party USA.

The Socialist Party USA believes that everyone has the "Right" to:

2.High Quality Affordable Housing
3.Universal Health Care
4.Full Employment for All
5.Pension Funds for All

Funny how your Idea of "Freedom" Mr. President sounds a Hell of a lot like "Socialism".

1 comment:

Van said...

"For Many Freedom requires a Job that pays the Bills, Covers your Mortgage, helps you look after your children..."

Nothing more than an update to “A hungry man is not free”, but whatever form it takes it's either used as a pretext for, or a justification for, slavery - the only real difference is who is conning who about their chains.

Like most leftie positions, it relies on uneducated victims unable to distinguish its equivocations, confusing motivation with coercion - but having the power to choose an action, or using power to demand your actions, are two very different things.

Freedom requires that a person have the ability to seek work from, or offer their services directly to, others who are free to compensate them.

A slave requires a master to tell him what job he'll take and what he'll be allowed to do with the money (if any) they allot to him.

See the slave drivers handbook you linked to on how to disguise them, it begins with:
"The purpose of the Party [complete and total Power] is to establish by democratic means [aka 'Might makes right'] a new society based on democratic socialism in which democracy is extended from politics to the economy [your choice is replaced by order of the Party] and where production of goods and services is based on human need [as defined by the Party, not you] instead of private profit, a society in which all exploitation has been abolished [no one will be allowed to have what another doesn't] and where human rights will come before property rights [all humans will be possessions of the Party]"

Those who buy into this crap, deserve it - but they're going to have to go somewhere else to practice it.