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Friday, January 7, 2011

Missouri Democrat Does Interview With Communist Party USA News

It would seem that the acceptance of the Communists has spread even to the local level here in the Show Me State.

On January 5th the Missouri Legislature was sworn in and a reporter from the Communist Party USA News, People's World, was there... Not only was he there but a Local Missouri Democrat granted him an interview.

According to an Article in People's World, Freshman state Rep. Clem Smith, Democrat, told the Communist Reporter what he thought of the New Republican Majority:

"In other words," freshman state Rep. Clem Smith, D-71, told the People's World, "Republicans want to give tax breaks to the rich. They want to let corporations have free rein. They want to weaken unions. And they want to destroy our social safety net."

"How is that a 'change' in culture," he asked?

Smith, a former union autoworker and current union machinist, won a hard-fought primary election last August in St. Louis' North County, a predominantly African American working class community.

"As a union member," Smith continued, "I know tax breaks for the rich and corporations will not create good paying union jobs with benefits, health care and a pension. Tax breaks will, however, make the rich richer."

As it appears that Mr. Smith has so totally accpeted the Communist Party to the point that he feels their "audience" is one that is worthy of his attention.

For a Politician to Consider an "Audience" of people who call for the overthrow and open Revolution against the Capitalist system worthy of his "Pandering" speaks volumes about his beliefs...


mkimberlin said...

Smith giving an interview does not equate to his having "totally accpeted the Communist Party". If that were the measure by which we judge a person's beliefs, then I guess the President has gone GOP. I mean, O'Reilly is getting his interview before the Super Bowl. He answered the questions of a reporter. How dare he?! This kind of adversarial attitude that paints every move of your opponents as an affront is exactly what is wrong with politics in this country. Take a Valium, Patch.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Why Wouldn't you question the motives of a Politician that answered the questions of a Reporter that Represents an Extremist Group that is hell bent on the Destruction of the United States? The Commuist Party USA should be shunned to it's rightful place by all of those who Love Freedom... that is to back alley's and to their mother's basements. He legitimizes them by answering their questions. In so doing he is sending a message that not only is the CPUSA agenda acceptable, but they are worthy of his time. The CPUSA is up there with Terrorists and the Clan... Extremist Groups Hell Bent on Changing America to fit Their Ideology, which in the End Would Destroy the Constitution of the United States. The only Difference is their Tactics on how to accomplish their Goal. If that isn't worth bringing attention to then what is?

Robert said...

It is a mistake to grant that interview for the same reason Obama pre-screens and pre-approves all questions/askers at all of his pres conferences:1) he doesn't want to get blindsided with a question he cannot answer, and 2) he doesn't want to even validate an opposing viewpoint, even accidentally, by taking those questions.
Bill O'reilly hosts the highest rated show in all of cable news; The President would be an idiot not to take as many interviews as possible with him as he has the biggest audience. Also, they are an audience of opposition, and if the pres has arguments that cna stand on their own, for once, maybe he thinks he can sway some viewers to his side.
Of course, that assumes he'll make some factual, logical, and meritorious arguments. Which may be assuming too much.
Bottom line is, Communism is THE enemy of America, and has been for nearly 70 years.

mkimberlin said...

The guy is a freshman state representative, not the President. He doesn't have a gaggle of people screening every person who walks up to him. He was just as likely simply trying to be accessible by answering a few questions. I'd lay money on the fact that he didn't even know that the man worked for a communist supported site. The guy probably said "Hey, I'm so and so from such and such...have time for a few questions?" And being a newly elected representative, Smith took the opportunity to get some press. The communism paranoia is way beyond what is appropriate in the world that we live in TODAY.

And Robert, I find it funny that you think the President of the United States needs to borrow Bill O'Reilly's audience. He's the POTUS. When he gives an interview, the audience is already there.

Oh and Patch: too many capital letters...not everything is a proper noun.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Hey Kimberlin, The Capital Letters are a Habit. If I feel something needs to be emphasised I tend to throw a Capital Letter on it. Don't worry your not the only one that annoys. Proper Grammer is the last thing I'm concerned about...

As far as Communist Paranoia goes, it's not so much Paranoia as a great concern. I have been tracking the Progressive, Socialist, Communist Movements for years and the fact that they are now Openly and Proudly working together should disturb Everyone.

I appreciate the fact you are giving the Politician the benefit of the doubt, but having worked with and around Reporters in the Thick of interviews for years I can Almost Guarantee you that Every Politician will ask Who you are with or What Station you Represent. I know Tony, the Communist Reporter, by sight and if he walked up to you asking questions the first thing you would think is "What is this Homeless Guy doing asking me Questions?" So I am almost Positive he was asked to Identify himself. Notice he doesn't mention comments from any other Politicians probably because they were smart enough to ignore him.