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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Man Arrested for Death Threat to Tea Party Member Has History of Being a Leftest Tea Party/ Beck Hater

James Eric Fuller who survived being wounded in the knee and back during the tragic shooting in Arizona, was arrested yesterday for Giving a Tea Party member a Death Threat .

He also has a History of being a Leftest who Hates Glenn Beck and the Tea Party.

According to an Article on WND, Mr. Fuller came to Gifford's event to "Protect" her from the Tea Party:

"I wanted to give her (Giffords) a boost and to protect her from the tea-party crime syndicate and to shout them down," he said. "I can make a lot of noise."

Mr. Fuller had also volunteered for Gifford's Campaign and recently became very interested in Politics, especially Liberal Causes. He even sent out emails denouncing "Replundercans".

In February, Fuller even called Glenn Beck a Mussolini type Fascist in the comment section of an Article on Politics Unlocked.com:

"It's true that fire-ball Beck somehow arrived at his delusions via the public library, a system founded by Benjamin Franklin for the public good, but his identity is in the bloody realm of Benito Mussolini because Beck is a passionate believer in the merger of corporate and state power. You ought to call a fascist a fascist."

So it seems that Mr. Fuller already had the Foundation of Dislike for the Tea Party and Glenn Beck. But it seems the Violent Untrue Rhetoric all week from the Progressives may have pushed him over the edge...To the Point of Making Death Threats.



Anonymous said...

so is it safe to actually blame this on a lefty?

Carol said...

This will somehow be blamed on the Right, not the Left. The Liberal media will say that the Right wing rhetoric drove this "poor" guy over the edge and he is a "patriot" for trying to "protect" Giffords from Right wing crazies.

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like anyone who does not agree with you is against you, and you will try your darnest to discredit them. A socialist trick.