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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's Put Blame Where It Belongs: The Progressives Think You're Stupid Sheeple

Ever Since the Tragic Shooting in Arizona the Progressives have begun an all out attack on the Tea Party and anyone that could be associated with them. Even after only a few hours when it became obvious to anyone with half a brain that the shooter was a Disturbed, Leftest, Anarchist the Left didn't let up their assault. Even Days later they continue to repeat the same things about how the 'Rhetoric' from the Right somehow caused a Madman.. to Go Mad.

As you sit at your computer everyday and listen to the onslaught of attacks against people who have done nothing but demand Smaller and More Constitutional Government, you are forced to ask yourself ...Why?

Why?... After it is obvious to even the Most Blind of Human Beings on the Planet that the Tea Party and Sarah Palin had NOTHING to do with the Tragedy in Arizona do the Progressives Still Continue to Blame Them?


Progressives Think You're Stupid Sheeple.

There is an Old adage that if you Repeat something enough eventually it becomes truth. It is a time honored and proven way to control the Sheeple in this Country.

The Progressives are betting that eventually even you will agree with them partially that the Political 'Rhetoric' needs to be toned down because they are betting you're a Reasonable Stupid Sheeple.

See, it's reasonable to think that it's not right for someone to openly threaten someone else because of their Political beliefs.

The problem is No One in the Tea Party has Openly Threatened Anyone... The Closest thing to a 'threat' is when someone gives a Speech and quotes the Founding Fathers. To the Progressives the Words "Liberty or Death" are terrifying since it denotes we will Never Surrender our Freedoms no matter what they do. Is that a Threat? No.. It's a Statement of Determination.

What the Progressives Don't really seem to understand is that the Internet has created some of the most informed Voters in the History of the United States. If you want to see what the President has said about any number of issues all you have to do is Google it and you are presented with Thousands of Articles and Videos. The Internet has really left the Politicians no place to hide.....and they know it.

So all they can do now is try to fool the Uninformed while Discrediting the Informed. At the Same time Using Any "Crisis" as an excuse to move their Progressive Big Government Agenda Forward.

For Example, when I walked into work on Monday the first thing out of some of my Co-workers mouths were,"So I hear the Tea Party Shot a Congressman this Weekend." I rolled my eyes and went into a 30 minute explanation of all that I have discovered which none of they had heard before. They were amazed that none of this was said on the Main Stream Media. Some even supported the Idea of Limiting Gun Access and Banning Political Rhetoric.

See, in Order for Progressivism and Marxism to exist there Must be Sheeple. People who just go along with the crowd and are too lazy or cowardly to inform themselves. If everyone in the United States ignored the Main Stream Media and did their own research Progressivism would Die Overnight. No One Who Understands History and what Progressives Truly Stand for will ever follow that Ideology.

But then how do the Progressives get people to work on their Campaigns and Vote for them time and time again?

Now you know why the Progressives think You're Stupid Sheeple.

Because if your Surrounded by a Certain type of People all day......

You begin to Assume all People are that Way.



79Tiger said...

Reminds me of the aftermath of the McGovern defeat when liberals disbelievingly proclaimed "nobody I know even voted for Nixon."

Anonymous said...

Yes, an informed people is the greatest threat to the Progressives agenda. That’s why we should expect attempts to restrict Internet access, and the online ID program that's being considered by DHS now.

Andrew Limanni said...

Patch - love your blog and the attitude you show toward the left. You're a strong part of our movement - but, please learn the proper usage of "your" which is possessive, as in your car or your boat, and "you're", a contraction for "you are", as in "the liberals think you're sheeple". By the way, the person who made the statement about Nixon in 1972 (when he carried 49 states) was Pauline Kael, the film critic for The New Yorker, who said "I don't get it, everyone I know voted for McGovern."

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

LOL Andrew. Thank You for the English Lesson But I am aware of the proper use of Your and You're. What I am missing is an Editor who can proof read my work. The Odd thing is that when a person reads their own work they tend to super impose what they have in their head on the "paper". I find that if I come back in a few hours and reread my work, I tend to catch errors that hours before I missed. It's just a shame that most of the time I don't have a few Hours to wait before I post it. It's crazy..I know and as my Banner says, I really am an Everyday American. To be honest if you would have told me I would be doing this 3 years ago I would have said you were crazy. Like many of us I fell into this out of a sense of Duty and have been forced to learn along the way. I also have a tendency to capitalise letters for Dramatic Effect, that really seems to drive people crazy. All I can say is Thank You for compliment and Thank You for the reminder it helps to have a second set of Eyes. Three Eyes are better than One. I'll correct my oversight.