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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Federal Judge Rules, Justice Department Agrees: 'Taxpayers and Voters have No "Standing" to Challenge How Elections are Run'

It would seem that the Justice Department has again become an extension of Tyranny for the Obama Administration.


According to an Article on World Net Daily(WND), a Federal Judge, with pushing from the Obama Justice Department, has ruled that Taxpayers and Voters have no "Standing" to Challenge how elections are Run.


A Small Town in North Carolina wanted to remove the Party Affiliation from the local City ballot. The measure passed with an overwhelming majority of almost 2 to 1, but the Obama Justice Department said, "I Don't think so.":

"The U.S. Justice Department has demanded – and a federal judge has agreed – that residents of a North Carolina city cannot make their municipal elections nonpartisan because the Obama administration representatives don't like the possible outcomes that could result.

The result comes in a recent case involving Kinston, where voters overwhelmingly – the victory margin was about 2-1 – decided they wanted to leave the political affiliations off of candidates' names in their city elections.

Not so fast, said Barack Obama's Justice Department. If the affiliations are left off, a few white voters might not know who was the Democrat, and they might vote for a member of another party, the federal officials warned, and that can't be allowed.

After city officials waffled before the demand, several citizens challenged the order in court, and now a judge has turned them back without ruling on the issue itself. The judge said the citizens – taxpayers and voters in the city – had no "standing" to challenge how their own elections are run."

So the Justice Department is afraid that if Party Affiliations are left off the Ballot, then White Voters may not know who the Black Democrat is... That's right, the Obama Justice Department is saying that You and I do not have the Right to Control our own Local elections because Black Democrats Might not get elected:

"the U.S. attorney general ordered the election results voided because "removing the partisan cue in municipal elections will, in all likelihood, eliminate the single factor that allows black candidates to be elected to office."

The federal government argued that "a majority of white Democrats support white Republicans over black Democrats in Kinston city elections," except for "a small group of white Democrats [who] maintain strong party allegiance and [who] will continue to vote along party lines, regardless of the race of the candidate.”

"This small, but critical, amount of white crossover votes," the federal government said, "results from the party affiliation of black-preferred candidates, most if not all of whom have been black."

It is interesting to see how in one fail swoop the Obama Justice Department has succeed in Removing the Right of all Americans to Challenge how elections are run while at the same time calling Non-Minority Voters in the U.S. (And Kinston) Racists and Idiots who need party affiliations to know who is who on a Ballot.


To Read the Rest of the Article Go Here.



Anonymous said...

Well,...MAYBE if they leave off party affiliations EVERYWHERE voters would realize they will need to pay attention to who is really running and what they say and DO!!! I mean imagine actually KNOWING THE CANDIDATES not just their party affiliation!(Golly!...Heaven forbid voters should be informed BEFORE they vote!)

Anonymous said...

Divided and conquered by the two-party system. Paper or plastic politics.