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Monday, January 10, 2011

Democrat Stars in 'Violent Political Rhetoric' Video But Blames Veterans, Tea Party and Palin for Arizona Shootings

Former Democratic Senator, Mike Gravel, has condemned Veterans and "Violent Rhetoric" from the Tea Party and Sarah Palin for the Shooting in Arizona.

But I guess Democrat Mike Gravel forgot about his own "Violent Political Rhetoric".

According to an Article on 911.blogger.com, Democrat Mike Gravel moved to California so he could star in a New Internet "Comedy Reality TV" show called, "I Like Mike, Our President."

In the First episode, Democrat Mike Gravel slaps around a Lobbyist from Goldman Sachs in the Oval Office, Makes the Military look like a bunch of Idiots, Mocks Gay Republicans and Reenacts a Scene from the Godfather where it "Appears" he beats a Lobbyists Head in with a Baseball Bat. After your convinced the act took place, the camera pulls back and you See Democrat Mike Gravel holding the Bat with what appears to be Blood on it and he says," There was a Fly in the Meatloaf." The Closing shot is of Democrat Mike Gravel holding that 'Blood' Covered Bat standing next to a Mock Presidential Seal and the White House.

Here is the Episode:

"I Like Mike" has been Online since July of 2010 but yet somehow The Left Wing Media, and the Democrats in Congress, have Failed to hold up Democrat Mike Gravel's Video as an Example of Inappropriate 'Violent Rhetoric' that might have caused the Shootings in Arizona.

I guess until Democrat Mike Gravel Joins the Local Tea Party or begins to back Sarah Palin, his 'Violent Rhetoric' is purely acceptable.

That is Until a Lobbyist ends up Dead Beaten to Death by a Baseball Bat.

Silly Me... the Progressives would Just Blame the Tea Party....

And Tony La Russa

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