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Sunday, January 23, 2011

David Harvey: "At a Moment of Crisis, Opportunity(it's the time)to Think about the Transition to Socialism, Communism, Stir Up Revolutionary Movement"

As I wrote in my post yesterday about the Communist Red Bus Tour, the Marxists in this country have learned from their brethren in other Nations and are discussing how they can turn this 'Crisis' in the U.S. into a Communist Revolution.
According to SocialJrank.org, David Harvey is:

"A prominent geographer and social theorist, Harvey studied and taught in England before moving to Johns Hopkins University, where he has spent much of his time since 1969 . His first major work was Explanation in Geography ( 1969 )—an analysis of the goals of geography in light of the confrontation between cultural geographers and advocates of new quantitative methodologies.

Harvey's subsequent writing, however, turned sharply away from this set of concerns and drew increasingly on the urban sociology of Henri Lefevre and other Marxist-oriented geographers and social critics."

In 2009 Harvey participated in a debate at 'Marxism 2009' where he discusses how Marxists could use the Current U.S. Crisis and transform it to Socialism/Communism using a Revolutionary Movement.
The Phrase I Quote is in the First 3 Minutes:

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