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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Commies 'Fire' 1st Salvo in Chicago Leftist 'Civil War': "Is Rahm Right for Chicago?"

Earlier this week I posted an Article about how Rahm Emanuel's run for Mayor in Chicago has the makings of a Leftist Civil War because of his Anti-Labor tendencies.

Now, It would appear, that 'War' has begun.

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News, People's World, has decided to fire the first shot across Rahm's Mayoral Campaign 'bow' by writing an article titled,"Is Rahm Right for Chicago?"

The first part of the Article deals with Rahm's Chances and/or Right to be on the ballot at all.

The Nitty Gritty comes in the last four paragraphs of the Article where, as good communists do, they use class warfare against Rahm:

"But others think it's not very democratic that Emanuel has 100 times more money than the other community-based candidates. The Supreme Court justices are ultimately making a choice about what section of the Democratic machine is going to end up on top, independent activists claim. They note the irony of a residency ordeal that has actually helped Emanuel's campaign gain momentum, making him appear as a sympathetic figure.

"What's decided in the courts won't really be a game changer because Emanuel has enough money to argue his case and keep his name on the ballot," said Rudy Lozano Jr., an educator and community organizer (and this author's brother).

Lozano came within some 400 votes of an upset victory in a 2010 Illinois Democratic primary for state representative against incumbent Daniel Burke, Edward Burke's brother.

"From the start Emanuel's campaign has been one based on bullying, intimidation and abuse of financial resources," said Lozano. "We need to elect a new kind of mayor that truly represents the working people and minority communities of Chicago." Emanuel on the other hand has major contributions from some of the wealthiest sectors of society, which do not adequately represent Chicago's diverse and majority residents, he said."

Why is this important you ask?

Because the CPUSA has a long history of working with the Unions under the cover of darkness but have recently began to work with the AFL-CIO in the open.

So if the CPUSA is now attacking Rahm...

The Majority of the Unions won't be far behind.


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