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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CA Department of Justice Checks Up on the P/Oed Patriot Days after CA Commie Story Breaks on Beck

First let me say that I have not received any letters or information to make me believe that I am under any investigation what so ever. It is also very likely that these visits are purely coincidental and just represents a visit from an employee at this particular Government Office. But I thought this was worth pointing out anyway.

On Monday morning my Article revealing that the Southern California (SoCal) Young Communist League (YCL) were in the process of going on a 'Red School Bus Tour' across America was published front page on Glenn Beck's website, The Blaze.

This success was followed by thousands of visits over the past couple of days including emails of congratulations. One email from a good friend of mine in particular made me laugh when in closing he added:

"With your luck the Communists will turn you in for a hate crime."

So while conducting my daily check of my analytics program you can imagine my surprise when I came across a visit from a new reader, the California Department of Justice.

I brushed it off because when I checked it around Noon Central time it was but one visit and it appeared that who ever it was did not spend a lot of time looking at my site.

But around 4 P.M. Central time I again checked my analytics program and I noticed the visit number had changed. Here is a screen shot of what I discovered:

As you can see so far today I have had 2 visits from someone at the California Department of Justice and they read one posting. What posting that is I can not know for sure but my Article discussing the SoCal YCL is still high on the visitation list.

So what does this mean? Nothing...

But I find it a heck of a coincidence that someone in the California Department of Justice suddenly becomes interested in my website only days after my Article exposing some California Radical Communists traveling on a Bus goes National.

If it's a New Reader, Welcome!

If it's something else....You have to be Kidding....

Don't you have some Radical Commies to Go After?



Anonymous said...

Did ya ever stop to think that MAYBE some of those California Commies getting ready to go on their bus tour might actually work for the CA Dept. of Justice? Not far-fetched, after all, we've got more than enough commies already in the Federal govt., I'm sure the CA state govt. must have quite a few...

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

LOL No that actually never occurred to me. But I am aware of a South Central LA neighborhood committee that is run by Communists, literally.