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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arizona Memorial Turns Into Obama Political Rally

It Amazes me the bold classlessness of some people in this country.

The Memorial for the Shooting Victims in Arizona yesterday was to be a Solemn, Prayerful event. But Thanks to President Obama and his Supporters, it turned into a Pathetic Political Rally where they handed out T-Shirts and People Whooped and Yelled like they were at a Rock Concert. Even at one Point Obama's Supporters Booed Governor Jane Brewer.

And the Left is Blaming the Tea Party for Political Rhetoric? Please....

Here is the Obama's Full Speech:

Now for those of you who may think I'm being unfair, here is President's Clinton's Speech after the Oklahoma City bombing. Notice not only the Solemn tone, but the more Respectful attitude from the Audience. Actually if you listen to the beginning of Clinton's Speech and Obama's at the same time, they are very, very similar.

And if that wasn't enough, here is the Speech from President Reagan after the Destruction of the Shuttle Challanger. Notice again the Solemn Mood by not only the President, but the Crowd.

It Never Ceases to Amaze me how President Obama seems to turn every event, even this Memorial Service for the Poor Victims of this Tragic Shooting, into some type of Campaign for himself.

I Never thought I would say this, but Clinton Has More Class than Obama.....

And that is Saying A lot.



Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one that thought this when I watched this "memorial service"
I thought I mis-heard what it was labeled. I feel so sorry for the families and victims that were so disgustingly USED by this president and his ilk. I only hope they can have REAL memorial services and that they can properly mourn their loss. Thanks Obama for such a dog-and-pony show.

Zotta's Perspective said...

The Memorial was a pep rally, very disrespectful. I would imagine most of the audience was college children, who are being indoctrinated by libs. This is the MTV generation, the Jersey Shore Generation and obviously they have not been taught how to act at a memorial service. Most of these kids probably have been brainwashed by Obama in his mantra of Hope and Change and not asking what kind of change. Civility is code word for censorship. Since the election the Statists have been talking about compromise and getting along, which means do what we want and say. That's not what the people voted for. President Ronald Reagan made a more sincere speech about the Challenger Tragedy. The Memorial/Pep Rally was staged. What was up with the tee shirts? I have never been to a Memorial service where they gave out Tee-shirts. The speech and shirts are from a 2008 Obama Blog Organizing for America. The Statists want to silence the Truth Tellers. The climate of angst and mistrust of the Government has been brought on by Barack Hussein Obama, the Statists, and their policies. Obama is a polarizing and divisive figure, who uses class envy and race-baiting to divide the people. Therefore, if anything, you may want to look at Obama’s rhetoric and policies as having something to do with this shooting. Rush said it best today when he said Obama put the ME in memorial. What I found peculiar is Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder reading from scripture. What was the point of them reading, especially since Holder is suing Arizona regarding border security, under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama. Was there no priest available? I believe most of the "show" was about OPTICS. Obama is not our friend and needs to be defeated in 2012.