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Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNN Poll Says Majority of Americans think Government is a Threat To Their Rights

According to a Poll conducted by CNN:

"Fifty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday say they think the federal government's become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. Forty-four percent of those polled disagree."

According to poll numbers that were released Sunday, the majority of Americans think that the Federal Government is Broken, but hopes that it can be fixed.

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British Citizens Embrace Tea Party Protest on the One Year Anniversary of the American Tea Party

Today is the one year anniversary of the American Tea Party. At this time last year, Freedom loving patriots from around the United States answered the call from Rick Santelli when he suggested that it is once again time to have a Tea Party to protest Government spending and growth.

So today, as Americans again gather to celebrate the creation of one of the greatest movements for Liberty the United States has known, the Tea Party protest is going international.

Lovers of Freedom and Liberty in England are now taking up the call and having their very first modern day Tea Party today. According to an Article in the Telegraph.uk, the Freedom Association is holding a Taxed Enough Already(TEA) Party to protest "Excessive Taxation":

"The Tea Party Movement in the USA has demonstrated the huge scale of public opposition to excessive taxation. In the UK, tax is much higher and, in addition, British membership of the democratically unaccountable EU raises the issue of "no taxation without representation". From the Boston Tea Party to the Brighton Tea Party, it's time to demonstrate our opposition to excessive taxation."

The British Tea Party will be held in Brighton England at the Best Western Hotel at 5:30 p.m. They will be serving, of all things, actual Tea.

I wish our Freedom loving counterparts across the pond all the best in their efforts to curb their out of control Nanny State.

While they are at it....they may want to remind Parliament that King George III didn't listen to us either....

To Read the Article on the Telegraph.uk Go To:

To Read the Freedom Association website Go To:

To Get info on the One Year Anniversary Tea Party in St. Louis Today Go To:

Friday, February 26, 2010

OFA Manufacturing Calls to Radio Shows in Support of the President's Health Care Plan

It would seem that the President's Astro Turf Group, Organizing for America(OFA), needs a little hand when supporting the President's Agenda. Here is an E-mail from OFA that explains how they want their members to call into Radio Shows in support of the President's Plan:

"President Obama gathered with congressional leaders of both parties yesterday for an open, honest, and productive discussion on health reform. It was a strong success, focused on substance -- as CNN put it, "a win for our country."

While disagreements remain, the meeting uncovered considerable areas of overlap, including many Republican ideas that were already in the President's proposal. And with all the best ideas now on the table, the President made it clear that no excuses remain: Congress must put aside partisan divides and swiftly complete a final bill.

This is a message the whole country needs to hear, but most people weren't able to watch all seven hours of today's summit -- and we can't let the special interest spin machine drown us out. That's where you come in.

Check out a few of the best moments from yesterday's historic event. Then, help spread the word using our brand new "On the Air" tool to speak out on talk radio.

The President was crystal clear about his commitment to pass reform that puts Americans in charge of their own health care, reduces costs, and expands coverage for tens of millions without insurance. We've come too far to scrap a year's worth of work and start over. And the millions of Americans that are suffering can't afford another year-long debate. There's simply too much at stake.

Yesterday's bipartisan meeting was a huge step forward toward passing reform. And today, you can help make sure we go the rest of the way:

Thanks for making it possible,Mitch

Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America"

Now after Reading this Email I decided to follow the link. And Surprise, OFA not only supplied the phone number to different Right Wing radio Shows, but supplied their talking points and instructions on how to deliver them as well. Here is a Screen Shot of the "Discussion points":

If that isn't enough OFA even gives their Astro Turf callers tips on how to talk to the Radio Show:

Isn't it nice to see that Obama is not only allowing Lobbyists in his administration, but using his own private "Army" of followers to Lobby the American people through right wing radio shows by creating astro turf calls in support of the President's Agenda?

I guess they didn't call him a community organizer for nothing. Too bad he is trying to Organize the United States into a Socialist/Marxist Un-American type community.


Pelosi Still Says She’s Running ‘Most Ethical’ Congress Ever

Palin Tells Hannity: Tea Party Should ‘Take Over’ GOP

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama Says He is Pushing through Health Care and"If the Voters are Unhappy with the Results that is what Elections are For."

According to an Article on Fox News, President Obama is planning on pushing ahead with his Screwed up Health Care Plan no matter what:

"At the conclusion of the televised showdown, which was aimed at finding common ground between the two political parties, Obama said Republicans had only a matter of time to decide if they would jump onboard.

"If we're unable to resolve differences over health care, we will need to move ahead on decisions," he said, alluding to using reconciliation, a controversial maneuver that prevents a GOP filibuster by requiring only 51 votes to pass legislation."

But he also has a message for those of us that don't want his Health Care Shoved Down our throats:

"Obama added that if voters are unhappy with results, then "that's what elections are for."

To Read the Whole Article on Fox News Go To:



Biden: ‘It’s Easy Being Vice President’

Listen Carefully, you will hear Biden say that, "it is easy to be Vice President, you don't do anything." Wow..Moron..it's called an open Mic.


Obama to McCain: "The Election is Over."

Obama: I Didn’t Divide My Time Evenly Because I’m the President

.Hat Tip Breitbart Tv

Obama Doesn't Like the HealthCare Pages "Prop"


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Van Jones To Teach At Princeton

According to an Article on World Net Daily(WND), the self proclaimed Communist and Former Green Jobs Czar to President Obama will be getting a job teaching future generations at Princeton.

Princeton announced today that:

"Jones has been appointed a visiting fellow in the Center for African American Studies and the Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy at the university's Wilson School.

Noliwe Rooks, associate director of the Center for African American Studies, told the Daily Princetonian Jones will also conduct research and host discussions on such subjects as "the next phase of green jobs, environmental policy [and] environmental justice."

Van Jones in an official University statement said that:

"he looks forward to "exploring solutions to our nation's toughest challenges with the students and scholars of Princeton."

"America is at a crossroads, facing economic and ecological crises. The next generation of job-creating, green solutions will be even more challenging to conceive. And they will be even more difficult to implement."

I guess in order to work at Princeton, having the fact that you are a Radical Communist isn't a negative, but a plus.

To Read the Article on the WND Go To:



Sen. Sanders Compares Climate Change Skeptics to Nazi Deniers


NY Times on Obama: ‘Will His Gentle, Consensus-Building Style Be Enough to Pass Health Legislation?’

Hat Tip Breitbart Tv

Obama & Dems in ‘05: 51 Vote ‘Nuclear Option’ Is ‘Arrogant’ Power Grab Against the Founders’ Intent

St. Louis Tea Party Celebrates One Year Anniversary

The St. Louis Tea Party will celebrate the one year anniversary of the tea party movement on Saturday, February 27 at 1:30 p.m. on the steps of the Arch.

One year ago that day in cities across the country Americans answered Rick Santelli’s call to protest against excessive taxes, wasteful spending, and irresponsible government. Fifteen-hundred citizens stood under the Arch and the St. Louis Tea Party was born.

Since that time the St. Louis Tea Party has emerged as one of the preeminent and most active tea party organizations. Their April 15, 2009 Tax Day Tea Party drew 10,000 people to Keiner Plaza; area tea partiers have participated in town halls, various rallies, have organized petitions and “buycotts.” The tea party movement is credited for victories in New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York’s 23rd district, and stalled such government grabs as a faulty health care reform bill and cap-and-trade.

The St. Louis Tea Party will start promptly at 1:30 p.m. and end at 2:30 p.m., rain or shine. Participants will hear from a small group of speakers before dumping tea leaves (please remove from, and properly dispose of, all bags) into the Mississippi River. No pitchforks. Signs cannot have sticks/poles. Parking is available on the cobblestone for $4 or attendees can use Arch parking. More information can be found at



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Van Jones Now Believes In Political Civility

.Hat Tip Breitbart Tv

Obama Wants to Create a "Major New Authority" According to OFA

Here is an Email from the President's Organizing for America in which they describe the President's New health care plan. In it they claim Obama wants to Create a "Major New Authority", surprise, surprise...

"Yesterday, the White House released President Obama's health insurance reform proposal. It bridges the gap between the House and Senate bills, includes ideas from both parties to crack down on waste, fraud, and abuse, and puts American families and small business owners in control of their own health care.

And it creates a major new authority to help states crack down on insurers who propose unreasonable and unfair rate hikes -- like the ones we saw just last week in California and Maine.

It's a proposal that combines feedback from the health debate with the President's longstanding principles on reform -- and it's a bill that any member of Congress can support. But we know Big Insurance won't like it one bit.

Before too long, their attack ads will be back up on TV and their misinformation campaign will be up and running. They'll have one goal: convince members of Congress that its bad politics to support reform.

So it's more important than ever to show every member of Congress that if they fight for reform now, we'll back them up this election season.

OFA supporters have already pledged to volunteer over 7 million "You fight, we'll fight" hours. Join them by pledging today.

The President's bill is a combination of new provisions to crack down on insurers and eliminate waste and abuse, and targeted changes to the Senate bill to include ideas from the House and the President's own priorities.

It makes insurance more affordable, sets up a new competitive health insurance market, lays down commonsense rules to bring greater accountability to health care, ends discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions, and cuts the deficit. And it strengthens the Senate bill, adding new provisions to cut down on waste, make sure middle-class families are protected, and closing the Medicare Part D "donut hole" coverage gap.

But health insurance companies don't care what's in the bill. They're fighting to preserve the status quo that benefits them -- even though it's disastrous for our nation.

This proposal means reform is moving again, but the clock is ticking. We can't wait to show that insurers are wrong when they claim members of Congress who vote for reform will suffer at the polls -- but we need every committed supporter to pledge:


Thanks, Mitch

Mitch Stewart

Organizing for America"


Van Jones to be Honored by NAACP

Obama's Buddy Thinks Tea Partiers Need Simple Booklets in order to be Educated on Issues

Monday, February 22, 2010

Brown Votes With Democrats On Jobs Bill

It would seem that the Victory in Massachusetts was more of a paper tiger than a real political change of Direction.

According to an Article on Reuters, Republican Scott Brown, highly touted as an important election because of " Tea Party" Type voters, is now one of only 4 republicans that are joining forces with the Democrats in voting for the President's Job Bill.

The reason Mr. Brown Gives for siding with the Spend, Spend, Spend Democrats is that:

"the bill was not perfect but would help put people back to work.

"I hope my vote today is a strong step toward restoring bipartisanship in Washington," he said in a statement."

So Will Scott Brown be for the Tea Party what President Obama is to the Progressives......

A Disappointment......?

To Read the Article on Reuters Go To:



Communist News Reports: "We are Tired of Rallies We Want to Fight"

Here is an Article from the Communist News, People's World, that talks about the Progressives impatience with the Obama Administration on their efforts to bring about "change":

"I'm tired of rallies. I want to fight!"

by: Bruce Bostick February 22 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- "I'm tired of rallies. I want to fight!" So said Tim Burga, operations director of the Ohio AFL-CIO, addressing the hundreds who had braved the cold Feb. 20 to attend a "Pass It Now" rally for health care reform at the SEIU Local 1199 hall here.

There was a sense of real urgency in the hall, as speaker after speaker pounded on the point that, as Brian Rothenberg of Progress Ohio stated, "We now have 6 weeks to win the fight our people have been fighting since the Truman administration: health care for all!"

Becky Williams, president of SEIU, 1199, was interrupted by loud cheers as she led off the rally, telling the crowd, "We have three things to tell the administration and the majority in congress.
"One -- we worked for and voted for change last year. That means actually changing what was there when you got there.

"Two -- we need for you to lead with courage, not be intimidated by Fox News and Teabaggers.
"Three, don't be fooled by lies!" she said. "If you do these things we'll be with you, and the 66% of Americans who, according to polls are demanding that health care reform be passed."

Williams went on to point out that "pundits are talking about bipartisanship, but over 40% of that 66% supporting reform are Republicans. While the national media talks, 44,000 Americans lost health care last week and that many will be dropped next week, and every week until we win this fight," she said.

"Four hundred twenty one of our friends, neighbors died last week for not having access to health care, and that will continue, as well."

Besides SEIU and the Ohio AFL-CIO, a wide list of sponsors were announced for the rally, including the Alliance of Retired Americans, UFCW, Ohio Faith & Justice Collective, Health Care for America Now, Planned Parenthood, UHCAN, Jobs with Justice & Ohio Consumers for Health Care.

Speakers included Ohio House Reps. Mary Harris and Ted Celeste, both Democrats, and, in a show of unity, both Democratic Senatorial candidates, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown addressed the rally by video from Washington. "We are fighting now at a time of great crisis. Eight hundred thousand Californians are facing massive rate increases this week from the profit-bloated insurance industry. Thousands of Americans are, literally, dying each year due to the continued inhuman rationing of health care in our nation. We can't give up and let others die because the fight is tough," he said. "If we keep up the fight, we'll win!"

AFL-CIO's Burga also slammed the insurance industry, stating that the health care system today is "corporate socialism!"

"Instead of public monies going for the common good, this is socialism for the rich. Our tax money is going to support these wealthy companies, in the form of tax breaks, public aid for research and development, all the while our people are starved. They," he said, to loud cheers, "just have no shame!"

"We've been horribly frustrated," said retired steelworker and SOAR member Ron Wharton, "but we have to push to win some type of health care reform or else it'll just get put off another 15-20 years. We can't let that happen. That's why we attended the rally."

That same point was made by Cathy Levine of UHCAN & Ohio Consumers for Health Care, as she told the crowd, "Don't believe those that tell you that its all OK and we'll just go back to the beginning and get a better bill if this one is defeated, it's just not true! If we don't win now, it may very well be a long time before another congress has the courage to take this on!"

To Read the Rest of the Article on the People's World Go To:



Obama Willing to Use the Nuclear Option on Health Care Bill

Bloomberg Thinks Obama's Health Care Bill has a Remote Chance to Pass

Dallas Tea Party Calls Out Olbermann

ACORN Dissolves as a Natinoal Structure

According to an Article in the Politico, the Controversial group known as ACORN is dissolving as a national Group:

"ACORN has dissolved as a national structure of state organizations," said a senior official close to the group, who declined to be identified by name because of the fierce conservative attacks on the group that began when a conservative filmmaker caught some staffers of its tax advisory arms on tape appearing to offer advice on incorporating a prostitution business."

While this may seem like good news, in reality they are just going to change their appearance into a different organization. According to an ACORN official:

"The new organizations, he said "will be constituted under new banners and new bylaws and new governance," he said, consistent with the recommendations of an outside panel.

Much of the group's strength lay in its local chapters in places like New York, which appear to be continuing to operate as normal. New York's City Hall News
reported today that the local group there had re-emerged under the name "New York Communities for Change."

So in the greatest tradition of the Progressives of the 20's, ACORN isn't going anywhere, they are just changing their name. But they will still be the same Nuts.

To Read the Article on the Politico Go To:



Friday, February 19, 2010

Oberman's Claims that "People of Color" do not Attend Tea Parties is False

Sestak Stands by Claim White House Offered Him Job to Quit PA Senate Race

Hat Tip BreitBart TV

Obama Administration launches New Climate Change Agency

Here is an Article from the Communist Party USA news, People's World, that describes a new and disturbing new Government Agency launched by the Obama Administration:

"The Obama administration is establishing a new federal agency on climate change, officials announced last week.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will set up the new Climate Service, which will operate in partnership with the agency's National Weather Service and National Ocean Service.

"Whether we like it or not, climate change represents a real threat," Commerce Secretary Gary Locke told a news conference last week.

The NOAA Climate Service will provide "critical planning information" that businesses and communities need to "tackle head-on the challenges of mitigating and adapting to climate change," Locke said. "In the process, we'll discover new technologies, build new businesses and create new jobs."

NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco said the new agency would work closely with federal, regional, state and local governments, academia and the private sector. The aim, she said, will be to advance science and new product development, "transforming science into useable climate services."

NOAA scientists will provide climate research, observations, modeling, predictions and assessments to support and promote on-the-ground initiatives, the officials said.

The NOAA also launched a new climate web site - http://www.climate.gov - that provides quick access to the agency's extensive climate information, products and services. Known as the NOAA Climate Portal, the site is aimed at decision makers and policy leaders, scientists and engineers, educators, business users and the public.

It includes an interactive "climate dashboard" that shows various constantly updating climate datasets (e.g., temperature, carbon dioxide concentration and sea level) over adjustable time scales. It also includes the new climate science magazine ClimateWatch, featuring videos and articles in which scientists discuss recent climate research and findings.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration studies and predicts changes in the Earth's environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages the country's coastal and marine resources.

The announcement of the new climate change agency was greeted enthusiastically by a range of environmental and science advocates.

"The Obama administration has returned science to its proper role in the decision-making process and this new Climate Service should prove to be a valuable resource as the administration continues to move forward on so many fronts involving climate change,: the Sierra Club's executive director, Carl Pope, said on his group's web site.

"As polluters and their allies continue to try and muddy the waters around climate science, the Climate Service will provide easy, direct access to the valuable scientific research undertaken by government scientists and others," Pope said.

In a series of comments posted by the NOAA, Peter Saundry, who heads the National Council for Science and the Environment, said the Climate Service would provide "a profoundly valuable service to the nation and its people as a focal point for objective, impartial scientific information on climate change that helps people, businesses, and governments make wise decisions about the kind of future we will have."

Oh Great another Government agency to tell us what to do about a Fictional problem created by alarmists...

Does anyone think that may be the real point to this "Climate Change"? More Government Control? nah...Couldn't be....


To Read the Rest of the Article on the People's World Go To:



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Funny, Hillarious, CommieTunes - Episode 1 - Obama Communist / Marxist / Maoist / Socialist

Move On.Org Wants You To Call Your Senators, Especially Claire McCaskill

Here is an Email from MoveOn.Org that is encouraging Missourians to call Claire McCaskill and push for Health Care reform. I would strongly suggest you call Clarie and push against it.....

Dear MoveOn member,

Leaders in the House and Senate are continuing work to craft a final health care package in the lead-up to President Obama's health care summit next week.1

As they do, there's renewed momentum around including a public option in the final package. Just an hour ago, Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado—joined by Sens. Gillibrand, Merkley, and Brown of Ohio—unveiled a letter urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring the public option up for a vote through a process called "reconciliation."2

Finishing health care reform is an absolute must this year. And with strong support in the House and Senate—and from a majority of Americans—it makes sense to include a public option in the final package.3

To show real support, though, we need as many senators as possible to add their names to this letter right away. Can you call Sen. McCaskill today? Make sure she knows how important it is to voters like you to finish health care reform this year, and urge her to add her name to the "Bennet letter" for the public option today.

Here's where to call:

Senator Claire McCaskillPhone: 202-224-6154 202-224-6154

Then click below to let us know how it went:


The letter, written by Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado, outlines a clear case for passage of the public option by a majority vote in the Senate. It notes that:4

A public option makes fiscal sense: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that a public option would save at least $25 billion.

A public option is the key to real choice and competition: A public option would inject competition into the health insurance market, and help ensure families, individuals and businesses have real, affordable choices when it comes to coverage.

There is strong public support for a public option: The latest New York Times poll on this issue, in December, shows that despite the attacks of recent months Americans support the public option 59% to 29%. Support includes 80% of Democrats, 59% of Independents, and even 33% of Republicans.

With more and more Americans losing their insurance every day, and outrageous rate hikes like those announced by Anthem Blue Cross, it's clear our health care system is broken. Finishing real health care reform must happen this year.5

Can you call Sen. McCaskill today? Tell her to fight to finish health care reform, and ask her to sign the Bennet letter for the public option today.
Here's where to call:

Senator Claire McCaskillPhone: 202-224-6154 202-224-6154

Then, please report your call by clicking here:


Thanks for all you do.

–Kat, Joan, Marika, Carrie, and the rest of the team

Administration Scientist on Massive Snowfall: ‘Weather is Not Climate’

Friday, February 12, 2010

Communist Party USA News calls Tea Party "racist, red-baiting movement against health care reform, jobs for all, and Economic and Social Justice"

The Communist Party USA news, People's World, claims that the Tea Party Convention proves that the the Tea Party is:

"racist, red-baiting movement against health care reform, jobs for all, an end to war, and economic and social justice."

The Communists Even claim it is time to "take the offensive".

Here is the Article:

"After watching the Nashville convention of the tea party movement, it is clear that they continue to be a racist, red-baiting movement against health care reform, jobs for all, an end to war, and economic and social justice.

They are out to bring down Barack Obama because they see him as a force for progressive change and they are against progressive change. They are a movement to take our country back to the policies of Reagan, Bush or worse.

As the conference showed, they have few people of color in their ranks. That is because, while they say they are "color blind," they are against any measures for racial equality and inclusion.
The opening speaker at the conference was none other than the notorious right wing bigot, former Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Tancredo told the nearly all-white gathering that the reason Obama was elected was because people voted for him "who could not even spell the word ‘vote' or say it in English." Tancredo went on to call for bringing back literacy tests.

Tancredo's despicable proposal would bring back what was a vicious method of denying the franchise to Black voters and is now illegal, as a way to prevent the election of an Obama type candidate in the future. Looking at his audience, it wasn't a surprise that his remarks were greeted with cheers and loud applause.

Tancredo went on to blame the election of Obama on "the cult of multiculturalism," whatever that is. Tancredo would no doubt prefer to go back to a time when the cult of segregation dominated our national life.

And by the way, in response to Tancredo's ridiculous claims, Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree made the point on the Rachel Maddow Show that most of Obama's votes came from whites.
But the tea party conference was keynoted by a racist speech and no one there objected.
This was a meeting of people who do not believe that the last presidential election was legitimate. They don't even believe that the president is a U.S. citizen. They are opposed to any government spending to help the massive numbers of unemployed, impoverished, foreclosed and evicted - all victims of the Republican-initiated Wall Street ripoff that brought down the nation's economy.

Concern for the 40,000 people who annually die needlessly because they don't have health insurance is not their cup of tea. The 30 million still uninsured should just perish if their coverage is by a government-run program. "Smaller government" is more important.

The tea party notion of "pro-life" does not extend to those who have died because of U.S. pre-emptive wars, and military spending is exempt from their opposition to big government spending.

The conference was an orgy of racist hate aimed mainly against blacks, Latinos, immigrants and the nation's first African American president.

Sarah Palin, the $100,000 speaker, is making hay on the backs of this movement. She thinks she is presidential timber (2012). I doubt it, but for sure she will come out of this a very rich racist, red-baiting demagogue.

It clear to most observers that most of the tea party participants, as shown by their signs and slogans, are opposed to the president mainly because he is black.

Just like the old southern racist hypocrites that for decades ruled the South and had a big sway in Congress, the tea party movement is using red-baiting and anti-terrorist hysteria to rationalize their support for the most reactionary section of the U.S. capitalist class: the powerful insurance monopolies, the armaments industry, the anti-union labor corporate elite.

Sarah Palin has jumped in front of this backward march. She is part of the new McCarthyism combined with racist contempt for the first black president.

Her notion that Obama is more like a college professor and what we need is a commander in chief is another version of calling him "uppity."

To attack Obama for being too smart after eight years of supporting a one-sentence president is ridiculous and racist. This all coming from a politician who has to write crib notes on her hand because she obviously can't retain the most elementary parts of her own program.Palin knows full well when she attacks Obama that she is furthering racial division in the country, which is an especially dangerous game to play during hard economic times. Her racist attacks on immigrants, that they are bringing the country down; her opposition to any government spending to help working families survive the crisis - all of these attacks give encouragement to the racist lunatic fringe.

Former President Jimmy Carter said the tea party movement reminded him of the pro-segregationist movement he knew growing up in the South.

Television commentator Lawrence O'Donnell said it reminded him of the racist movement that was organized in South Boston in opposition to school integration. O'Donnell said, "These people are more opposed to the president then they are to health care reform." He recounted how the Republican opposition did not treat Hillary Clinton like that when she presented health care reform in the 90s.

Progressive activist and actor Jeanine Garofalo described the tea party movement as the rebirth of the White Citizens Councils.

This movement Palin has jumped in front of is really a movement that hates change and wants to go backward. Their aim is to help the extreme right take back the Congress in November and the presidency in 2012.

Whether they succeed depends on the level of activity of the broad democratic, multiracial, labor and people's coalition that defeated Bush and his right-wing Congress. If they are activated on the issues of jobs, health care and peace the right will suffer another setback.

This fight cannot be won by Obama alone. This fight cannot be won by the Democratic majority in Congress alone.

Without street heat, without real grassroots organizing, we could loss the fight for change and be pushed back to the Bush era or worse. We dare not let that happen.

Consider the Nashville tea party meeting and the elections in New Jersy, Virginia and Massachusetts a wakeup call.

Like Obama did in his State of the Union speech and his confrontation with the Republicans at their caucus, it's time for the anti-racist majority, for the majority that wants health reform, a clean environment, massive job creation, peace, and economic and social justice, to take the offensive."

To Read the Article on People's World Go To:



President's Organization, OFA Says You Fight, We Fight

It appears that the President is going to throw done the gaunlet as it pertains to the fighton his Health Care Reform.

The President's Astro Turf Group, OFA, sent out an email Titled, You Fight, We Fight. Here is the Email:

As we head into an election year, the new strategy for killing reform is claiming that members of Congress who vote for it will suffer at the polls.

For months, our opponents have spread lies about reform to scare voters away. But the simple truth about what reform would actually do -- save jobs, guarantee all Americans affordable, stable coverage, and significantly reduce the deficit -- is something most Americans strongly support.

The question is, come November, will the voters know the facts?

OFA supporters have asked for a way to show every member of Congress that if they fight for reform now, we'll back them up this election season.

That's why we're launching "You fight, we'll fight" -- a volunteer pledge bank where you can commit your time to back up candidates and officials who fight hard for health reform.

We're shooting for 1,000,000 hours pledged to spread the word to fellow voters. And if we get there, we'll publish the total hours pledged in USA Today, so there will be no doubt that health reform is both good policy and good politics.

Can you pledge right away?

President Obama has made it crystal clear that he has no intention of walking away from health reform -- and this movement has made its desire to fight on just as clear.

And many members of Congress are already working hard by his side to get the job done. But for those on the fence about whether or not to proceed, knowing you are there to back up a courageous stand can make all the difference.

Your volunteer hours can have a huge impact no matter where you live. You can make calls into critical districts where health reform champions are in jeopardy, write letters to the editor, volunteer for nearby campaigns, or even just talk to friends, family, and neighbors to help cut through the special interest spin.

We'll offer lots of ways to get involved between now and the elections in November, and you can decide which are right for you -- the important thing right now is to publicly show your commitment to fight for those who make health reform a reality.

Please help us hit our ambitious goal of one million volunteer hours pledged:


We've certainly faced setbacks in this fight. But as President Obama told OFA supporters last week, that only means we need to work that much harder.

Thanks for making it possible,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

University of Alabama Shooting


Glenn Beck Boosts Sales of "Evil Book"

.Hat Tip Breitbart Tv.

Sen. Rockefeller on Obama: ‘He’s Beginning to Not Be Believable to Me’


George Lopez Calls Sarah Palin a B***h in Spanish

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Current Snow Storm Blows Democrats Claims of Global Warming Out of the Water

Funny how 2 feet of Snow in Washington D.C. now seem to destroy the past claims by the Democrats about Global Warming.

Chris Matthews Says: Sarah Palin is Frightening

Michelle Obama Dodges Question about Palin

Obama Now Doesn't Begrudge Big Bonuses for Bankers

Possible Face Book Page Hijack

This Posting is for my Face book Friends. It appears that my Face book page may have been hijacked.

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Patch W Adams

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is the U.S. Government Throwing Toyota Under the Bus?

The recent Government hype over the "safety" issues over some of Toyota's cars is beginning to cause some to question the Government's Motives. Some are even suggesting that the Federal Government may be bullying Toyota for the sake of Government Run General Motors.

According to an Article by AFP reporter Mira Oberman, thinks the Government actually made a bigger deal of the Toyota recall over their sticky gas pedal than was necessary:

"David Champion, director of automobile testing for Consumer Reports magazine, said the reaction to the recall was overblown.

"When you look at the statistics we are putting an awful lot of effort on a very small risk," he said.

"There has been something like 2,000 complaints of unintended acceleration in some 20 million Toyota vehicles -- it's almost like trying to find a needle in a haystack."

Just how overblown was the exaggeration on the recall? Well the Transportation Secretary went as far as to say 5.3 million Toyotas were unsafe to drive:

"Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood sat down with reporters Wednesday to lay out a timeline of how US officials had "pushed Toyota to take corrective actions" on its pedal problems since 2007.

The meeting came a day after he issued a statement accusing the Japanese automaker of dragging its feet on recalling vehicles in danger of sudden, unintended acceleration due to pedals which could get trapped under floor mats or become "sticky."

He also caused a brief panic when he told a congressional panel that owners of 5.3 million Toyota vehicles affected by the recalls should "stop driving" them."

Oddly enough, as soon as the recall was announced by the Transportation Secretary, Government Run General Motors issued a Deal to all Toyota Drivers. Trade in your Recalled Toyota and get $1,000 towards a new car.

This Deal occurred just one Day after the Toyota Recalls were announced, but according to an Article on Breitbart, a GM Spokesman said they suddenly noticed alot of concern from people over the safety of their Toyota's:

"Dealers have been getting a lot of queries from customers who have expressed worries about their Toyota vehicles," the GM spokesman told AFP.

"So we want to be able to take advantage of that interest."

Intersting choice of words, especially since the "interest" was generated by an overblown comment made by the Government Transportation Secretary. The Same Government who runs a competetor to the Privately Owned Toyota.


Well according to an Article on Eagle's Eye, there may be a much more sinister reason for the Government to push down the sales of Toyota:

"Reports of runaway acceleration have been around for years, ever since automobile engines have been controlled by computers. Pressing on your accelerator pedal no longer opens a throttle plate in the carburetor via a mechanical cable. In most modern cars, it merely creates an electrical input to the car's computer which then controls the fuel injection system to increase fuel and air flow. Audi and VW have been accused for years through anecdotal reports of electrical defects causing runaway acceleration. No defect has ever been found.

Now for the coincidence. Last year, Toyota announced it was closing its Fremont, CA, auto assembly plant, called NUMMI for New United Motors Manufacturing, because they say GM pulled out of a joint venture agreement. About 5,000 union jobs are involved. Some have speculated that this only UAW-organized Toyota plant proved too expensive to operate in sunny Taxifornia. Regardless, the UAW is highly incensed, especially since shortly thereafter Toyota announced it was building a new plant in non-union Mississippi. So, about a week ago about 100 UAW demonstrators gathered in front of the Japanese embassy in Washington and delivered a nasty letter of protest to the ambassador.

This took place shortly after Toyota's gas pedal woes burst upon the national scene. Since then, Congress and the Feds have piled on poor Toyota, threatening all sorts of investigations, making outrageous allegations and even issuing veiled suggestions that Toyota's flagship Prius hybrid, by far the best of the hybrids, has brake and acceleration problems caused by "electrical glitches." Again, no hard evidence. The fact that the Chevy Volt priority-electric vehicle is due for release this year is just a coincidence--right?

O.K., what are the facts. Toyota's floor mats are quite thick (I know, I have them in my Camry) and are held in place by tricky little floor clips that are rather difficult to re-attach if the mats are removed, say for cleaning. If these clips, admittedly not the best design I've ever seen, are not re-attached properly, the mats could shift and interfere with accelerator pedal movement. Toyota claims the major problem is slow pedal return caused by floor mat interference, which can be quite disconcerting. Their fix is a shim which raises the back of the pedal to provide additional clearance. They deny any electrical problems, and in truth there is no evidence to support that allegation.

So, are we seeing an attempt by the Feds to strike a blow at largely non-union Toyota as another payoff to the UAW? Or perhaps this is an attempt to boost sales of Government Motors at Toyota's expense. Or both. Ford, a major Democratic supporter, is licking their chops in anticipation. Toyota's stock has taken a half-gainer off the high board."

So the question that remains is, is the Federal Government abusing it's position in order to destroy a Private Company because of it's largely Non-Union Stance and boost the sales of the Government Run GM?

With the Corruption and Ideology running rampant in Washington D.C. and this Administration, unfortunately the answer is most likely....


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