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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Video Shows Illegal UCLA Student In Support of DREAM ACT

A Recent Video Made in Support of the DREAM Act that shows a variety of UCLA students holding hand written signs has caused me to wonder. Are we a Country of Laws or a Country of Men?

As you read the signs held by many of the Students you find yourself asking why would anyone want to send their kids to such a place that teaches your children to live in fantasy? Almost every sign talks about some Idea of a Dream, as if having a Dream allows anyone to Break any Law to make it a reality.

For example, at 1:14 in the Video a Nice young man is standing Holding a Sign that Reads:

"I Support the DREAM Act Because:

I am Undocumented and Unafraid. I have alot to Contribute to this Country."

My question to this man is, what makes YOU so important that YOU are above the Law? From the Wealthiest man to the Poorest among us NONE are supposed to be above the law. Ask any Leftest they swear all the time the Rich are not above the law, but yet somehow Illegals are.

If this young man is actually "Unafraid" then I suggest he turns himself in to the local Immigration Officials and allows himself to suffer the consequences.

Because what the Left in this country seem to not understand, is that it's not that people like myself don't want immigration, to think so is ridiculous. What we want is for those coming into this country to do it LEGALLY and RESPECT our Laws.

Only a Rude, Self Centered person goes to some one's house uninvited with their kids, sits on the couch, eats their food and acts like they own the place. Then turns around and demands that they be allowed to live there, have their kids educated and not be prosecuted for trespassing because they have the "Right" to Dream.

Because if we are a Country that is Run by Men and their "Wants" and Not Laws.

We are Doomed to Chaos and Collapse....

And all that will be left of this once Great Nation will be a Dream...

Here is the Video:


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Yiddish Steel said...

As a UCLA Alum, I stopped contributing to the Alumni Fund 7 years ago because of the "Separate But Equal" Graduation Ceremonies for "Minority Students". More reason to disown my alma mater.