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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Unions Remember in 2012: McCaskill Voted Yes on DREAM Act

Claire McCaskill is up for re-election in 2012 and you would think with the huge wave of support against any kind of Amnesty she may have voted like she did in 2007 and say no the the DREAM Act.

But it appears that according to an Article on Numbers USA, she along with 3 other Democrats, changed their vote from No to Yes during the DREAM Act vote yesterday.

This fact may want to be remembered by the Local Unions in particular.


Well, it has been proven that because of President Regan's Amnesty deal in the 80's Illegal Immigration actually Increased instead of Decreasing. In so doing, the market became flooded with Cheap Labor. And Since the Federal Government has no interest in either prosecuting the Employers who Hire them or Deporting those that come here Illegally, the flow of Cheap Labor is almost ensured. Who suffers most when there is Cheap Labor in abundance? The Unions...

Why Hire a bunch of well trained, skilled workers for $30 an hour with an Extensive Pension when someone can Hire skilled workers for less than minimum wage and no retirement?

The Housing Boom was a Great Example of how Cheap Illegal Labor was used to replace the more expensive Union Labor and help lead to the decrease in Unions as a whole.
Some would say that by giving Illegals Amnesty that it will remove the Cheap Labor Threat to the Unions while at the same time increasing their membership through the newly legalized workers.

But that won't hold water Until the Federal Government is willing to seal the border, prosecute Employers for Hiring Illegals and Deport those who come here Illegally. Without doing these things the scenario will just run the same route in the next 20 years as it has in the last 20.

Younger Skilled workers will still come into the U.S. Illegally, work for almost nothing and the Unions will continue to be either replaced by them or be forced to take lower wages and lesser benefits so they won't be.

If the Union Membership continue to support the same people in Washington who Claim to want to help Unions, then watch as those same people turn around and Support Amnesty. Then all Union Members can look forward to is a Job holding a Sign in front of their work Site while they watch 25 Year Old Illegals do their Job almost as good for far less Money.

Isn't It Ironic that when Union Member's Dues are used to Support those in Washington who support Amnesty, that they are in Essence Paying for their own Destruction...?


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