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Friday, December 10, 2010

SEIU Shop Steward Suspected of Supporting Terrorists 'Admires Communists and Socialists'

On December 5th, the Communist Party USA(CPUSA) News, People's World, held their 23rd Annual Banquet in Chicago.

About 100 people attended the Event which was Emceed by Jessica Marshall, a Chicago Local and high school teacher. While the Keynote Speech was Given by Susan Hurley, executive director of Chicago Jobs with Justice.

But the most interesting individual in attendance was a Man who gave a 'Special Greeting' to the Crowd, Mr. Joseph Iosbaker.

On the website Committee to Stop FBI Repression they describe Mr. Iosbaker as a:

"20 year civil service employee at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Last year he was chosen Staff Person of the Year by the students in the College of Medicine where he had worked.

At UIC, Joe is the chief steward for 1300 clerical workers in the Service Employees International Union Local 73. He is also on the executive board of the union. In the 1990s, the workers at UIC, mostly Black and Latino, fought to win wage parity with the University’s mostly white work force at their downstate campus in Urbana. Joe played a leading role in this struggle.

Joe is the advisor to the campus chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society, and was the Chicago bus coordinator for the protest at the Republican National Convention in 2008.

Joe has been active in struggles for social justice since 1977. Joe is married to Stephanie Weiner. They have two sons. Joe and Stephanie moved to Chicago in the mid 1980s to support the movement for Black and Latino political empowerment after Harold Washington was elected mayor."

According to an Article on ABC 7 News Chicago, Mr. Iosbaker is Under Federal Investigation for "activities concerning the material support of terrorism."

Here is the Story as Reported by ABC 7:

Below is a Video recorded at a Protest outside the FBI Headquarters where Mr. Iosbaker explains why his home was raided by the FBI:

People's World reports that during Mr. Iosbaker's 'Special Greeting' to the Crowd at the CPUSA Banquet he expressed his admiration for:

"communists, socialists and labor and peace activists who had fought the McCarthy witch hunts."

While we have seen lately the strong connections between Unions and Communists which is represented by an AFL-CIO Leader recently accepting a Communist Award in Connecticut; this story is disturbing not just because of the Praise for Communists, but because Mr. Iosbaker is a Shop Steward for SEIU.

SEIU is the Union that is deeply involved with President Obama, as this speech given by Obama to SEIU demonstrates:

As the Communists and Unions become more bold in revealing their connections to each other they make it easier for Bloggers like myself to expose their Marxist Ideologies to the World.

But what should disturb us all is that the Communists and the Unions don't seem to care anymore if we know....


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