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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Obama Labor Official Attends Event that Awards CPUSA News

While Progressives are quick to draw imaginary lines between the Tea Party and Racist Groups, they seem to be slow at acknowledging their own ties to extremists. Especially at the Highest Levels of Government.

During the International Labor Communications Association's Media Awards ceremony on November 19th, the editor of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) News, People's World, was given an Award for "excellence in labor journalism".

While the connection between Labor and Communists are known and nothing new, the fact that a High ranking Official from Obama's Labor Department was in attendance is note worthy.

According to an Article in People's World, Carl Fillichio, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis's senior adviser for public affairs and communications, gave a speech to those in attendance at the Awards Ceremony. During his speech Fillichio pushed for the creation of an Independent Propaganda Arm for the U.S. Labor Department that "would tell people the full story" so they could cast an educated vote.

While this by itself is disturbing enough, the thought that an Official from the Obama Administration would attend an event where the CPUSA and it's Propaganda were openly honored through the Presentation of an Award is truly disturbing.

So I say to the Progressives, Please feel free to keep slinging your Mud at the Tea Party with your false cries of "Racist"..

Because as the Obama Administration continues to Openly Embrace and Support Progressive Communist Radicals, like the CPUSA and Van Jones....

Then the more the American People will see them for what they are..

Which will result in the labeling of Obama as a "One Term President".

Image: Fillichio - Dan Margolis/PW(People's World)

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