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Monday, December 6, 2010

*UPDATE* Marxist Student at Dream Act Rally: "Lets Make This Congress Scared of Us."

Here is a video of a "Die In" Protest that was held by Napa Valley College Students on December 2nd in support of the DREAM ACT.

It's Bad enough that one of the Speakers believes that there are 2 SENATES in Congress....(wow).... But then another Speaker goes on to say that they need to make Congress "Scared" of them.

They finally end the Rally with words from the Communist Rebel EZLN spokesperson Sub Comandante Marcos. (According to the You Tube Description)

Below is a Music video about EZLN's Comandante Marcos:

Aren't these the types of Students we want to Give Amnesty too???

The Democrats Think So....


The First Speaker claims to be a Member of the Marxist Group called Students for a Democratic Society(SDS).

The SDS may be better known as the organization in 1969 from where the Weather Underground was spawned.



lvanderiet said...

Bring it on, illegal aliens, I have plenty of bullets to put in all your heads if you think you're going to come on my property and invade my country and demand rights that you don't and won't have! Some people just seem to disappear in our woods. Red necks are ready to do what it takes to defend their homes.

Anonymous said...

I was in Napa that day, and drove past the campus. This protest was completely below the radar unless you were there.

A spinoff of SDS was the Midwest Academy and Democratic Socialists. Obama has ties to both. Two Congressmembers are affiliated with the Midwest Academy.