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Friday, December 31, 2010

Marxist Revolutionary Ron Gochez: "Americans Support the Re-Distribution of Wealth"

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Anonymous said...

He says polls show that a majority of American's favor redistribution of wealth. Actually I can't find any polls done on this issue. You also need to define "redistribution of wealth" when asking these things. They are exactly like socialism, and shouldn't be relabeled because someone doesn't like that word. That is focus group marketing crap by the radical left. It doesn't mean anything just because they want to relabel it.

People aren't afraid of terms, they just know what they mean and don't want them. He is basically calling American's stupid. American's aren't stupid.

If you explain "redistribution of wealth" as we are going to steal your money under threat of violence and give it to the poor who don't work. It is threat of violence because the government will show up with guns, and take you off to jail for not giving them what they think you owe them. Suddenly people don't want that. They will tell you I worked hard for my money, why does some joker who doesn't want to work get my money?

Guess what people that is exactly what "redistribution of wealth" is. Everyone should have the same amount of money even those who don't want to work at all. That is socialism and people know it and they don't want it.

This joker saying their all these polls saying people want it is a lie. Show me proof of these polls done by a major polling company, not something you whipped up in your back room with preselected areas and people to call.