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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marxist Radical Revolutionaries Run Government Advisory Body to LA City Council

The South City Neighborhood Council (Pictured Above) in Los Angles is, according to it's website, "an official government entity, serving as an advisory body to the Los Angeles City Council and all other city departments with the ability to influence decisions that effect the community."

It is also Run by Marxist Radical Revolutionaries.

Looking at this screen shot from the LA Department of Neighborhood Empowerment website, the South City Neighborhood Council is run by:

The President of the Council is listed as Celina Benitez, a known Communist Radical that is the LA contact for the Salvadorian Communist Organization CISPES.

Clemente Franco and Jose Lara, High School Teacher, are both known Marxists and friends of Celnia Beneitez and Ron Gochez.

But the most well known and disturbing member of the leadership is the known Marxist Revolutionary, High School Teacher, Anti-Semite and Vice President of the Neighborhood Council, Ron Gochez.

Mr. Gochez is best known for the calling of a Mexican Revolution in the United States in order to take back 'Occupied Territory' at a rally at UCLA in 2007.

Here is the Video that made him infamous:

Mr. Gochez was then caught on video telling the 'youth' that the Police only serve the Rich. In the Video he says:

"And for the youth...The police will never listen to us. They will never be our friends. Never had. They never will. They are here to serve and protect the interest of the rich. They always had, they always will. We have to organize our communities and that's the only way we will defend our human rights."

Here is the Video:

Considering Mr. Gochez likes to give the 'youth' advice, it shouldn't surprise anyone that his Marxist Mexican Militant Group,Union del Barrio, have opened a Marxist and Mexican Reconquest Militant Center right next to the High School were he teaches.

Here is a Video of the Center:

Coincidentally the 'Marxist Center', also known as the Centro Cultural Francisco Villa, is the Meeting Place for The South Central Neighborhood Council. As you can see in the Picture at the Top of this Article, the Marxist Center is Complete with a Flag of the Marxist Murder Che Guevara and the Flag of the Marxist Mexican group Union Del Barro. (Picture taken from the Communist Party USA News, People's World)

What is most disturbing is that Mr. Gochez and his Marxist Allies were Elected to their Positions on the Council. Here is a Video about the fact that they were running for office:

The South Central Neighborhood in LA is becoming a Breeding Ground for Marxist Revolutionaries complete with their own Council Advisory Board, Marxist Revolutionary Center and Teachers willing to prey on the Youth.

It would seem the Red Menace is reaching far and wide across this Nation.

While many in this Country are quick to dismiss this as a "Red Scare"...

Evidence like this may help to make a Believer out of the most Stubborn of Skeptics.




Karrie Melendrez said...

Ron Gochez is not an anti-semite. I am a Jew and I have read and heard his words on Israel and the Jewish people. Never has he said or written anything which would qualify him as such.

This site on the other hand is a template for reactionary misinformation. There are many references to Marx and the Marxist intentions of the South Central Neighborhood Council but have any of this site's creators ever read Marx? Does it mean anything that Marx is considered to be one of the greatest minds of the 20th Century and is taught at every University in this country?

Enough with the red scare. Do the world a favor and figure out who the real enemy is. Hint: Who has all the $

Anonymous said...

Typical paranoid rant about evil marxist you got going here. I would like to remind you that we do live in a democracy and as such the people have every right to elect whomever they choose. Many nations have socialist parties that are part of mainstream options people have.

Relax, and let democracy run its course.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

First, we are a Constitutional Republic not a Pure Democracy.

Which Means we elect Representatives who are supposed to do the Will of the People But are Restricted by the Constitution.

Pure Democracy is a Chaotic Society where the Majority Rules and they are not Restricted by anything except their own desires.

A Consitutional Republic is a Country Governed by Laws, a Pure Democracy is a Country Governed by the Whims of Men.

Second Yes I have Read the works of Marx. He is a Fool and a Pipe Dreamer.

While I agree people in this nation have the Freedom to believe in Marx, they Do Not Have the Right to Force me to Live their Lifestyle.

The Amish choose to live a Life Different from mine. But they are not determined to recreate the United States in their Likeness and Force me to Live by their standards.

Communists on the other hand will not Rest until they Force everyone to Live in a Marxist Society.

Therefore I make it my Duty to expose them at every opportunity in the hopes they can be stopped.

If they choose to live in a Commune while at the same time respecting my Freedom to live as I choose so be it.

But until then I will continue to make them my main focus.

There are few Major Threats to my Liberty and Marxism, as Practiced by those who wish to Transform this Country, is without a doubt one of them.

The Fact that you Gentlemen have taken your time to write comments here means I'm making Progress towards my Goal.

In Liberty

Anonymous said...

the left coast is gone folks, just throw in the towel!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing the radicals. As for Ms Melendrez’s suggestion that Marx was brilliant – a mantra I hear often from my leftist friends – where has Marxism ever benefited the people for a sustainable time? Everywhere it has been practiced, it has led to oppression – and fully realized – hunger and death because it fails to accommodate human nature. Everywhere it has been practiced, it has led to a hierarchial apparatus defined by a powerful few who either feed on the weak or kill them.

Do some independent research into the history of Marxism and other leftist movements and you’ll find they have historically and consistently been financed by the elites ($) the left loves to hate – much of it covertly funded and promoted through the education system. Collectivism is the centralization the elites use to loot the masses of their dignity, rights and ultimately their lives.

Individual liberty is the best protection against the forces of oppression that inevitably come from the top-down and are so conveniently facilitated by both the extreme left and right.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting: great speeches. How do I contact Ron Gochez to speak in my community? For the record, Marxism produced public school, labor unions, the weekend, the 8 hr day, public services, retirement pensions, workers rights, any existing restrictions on corporate greed and murder. All workers and humans have benefited from Marx. And he was a Jew (who had his imperfections, he believed Indians were "savages"). Life is complex. Patriotic essentialisms are not healthy.