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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Communism Spreads in New York


H.C. said...

Communism is certainly no boogeyman?

Anonymous said...

Yes it looms and lurks over the city and country, ready to absorb, to crush, maim, thrash,and pummle everything you hold dear, your precious God givin rights, your property, your way of life, EVERYTHING then give you nothing in return, and tell you " its good for you." " its good for the earth." "its good for the country." It eats truth, then spits out 1/2 truths, and untruths, and whispers in your ear, "its good, its real, truth, this is what really happened." then the people who were actually there and saw the truth vanish. This is called TYRANNY, you can give it any name you like after all a pile of S**t buy any other name looks, smells, the same, but when you see TYRANNY YOU NEED TO THRASH, PUMMLE, MAIM, AND CRUSH IT, before it absorbs you.

Anonymous said...

the bloody Communism road is lined with millions of dead bodies, so many countries have tried this road, and it does not work, so why oh why are folks still buying this BS??????? can some one tell me please??????

Anonymous said...

I believe it's been told, history has been forgotten.
Those who do not know it, are doomed to repeat it.
So, we education ourselves, then others.
Stay ontop of the School Board Meetings in
local school districts, as well as other associated groups and organizations, even the Mothers' Club and the PTA. Their long fingers are in everything.
Find out how history is being taught, and get on their cases!