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Friday, December 17, 2010

*UPDATE*'Christmas Capital' of Texas Says 'Humbug!' to Tea Party because of Complaints from Local Dems

If you have ever been to Texas around the Holidays you may have heard of a City Called Grapevine, a.k.a. the "Christmas Capital of Texas".

The City of Grapevine is a self described 'winter wonderland' around the Holidays as the town is:
"blanketed with millions of lights, enormous decorations, animated characters and a whole lot more! With all of this plus great shopping for everyone on your list, Grapevine truly is the "Christmas Capital of Texas."

Every year the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce sponsors the "Parade and Carol of Lights". The event is open to all and according to the 2008 parade application has few rules on who can participate.

But that could change in 2011 because of complaints this year about a Float Sponsored by the Local Tea Party.

The North East Tarrent Tea Party entered a float that upset some locals. Oddly enough at least one of them is a Democrat. Here is the story according to the local NBC Station:

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcdfw.com/video.

Now watching that news report one would think that everyone involved is polite and reasonable.
Funny how staring into the lens of a Video Camera will cause people to really think about the words that come out of their mouths.

Because according to an Article on the Colleyville Courier, the Former President of the Mid-Cities Democrats, Kathleen Thompson, wasn't so polite:

"It was just a really ugly disruption," said Thompson, former president of the Mid-Cities Democrats. "People were there to watch their friends and family ride in floats and in cars. It was disruption of the whole idea of what a Christmas parade was supposed to be. ... Politics makes people very upset. Sometimes you just leave politics at the door."

While the Tea Party's participation was upsetting to Kathleen, according to a Letter she wrote to the Editor of a local paper, it was also a politically charged Yell from someone nearby that caused her concern:

"My family, friends and everyone in earshot of us complained about the Tea Party’s presence in the Grapevine Christmas Parade. While Democrats are excluded from paying for and working a voter registration booth at city festivals next to jewelry sales and car dealerships, another partisan group yells “go Tea Party” at a nonpolitical holiday event. Double standards aside, a Christmas celebration is not the place for politics."

I know for some people, Like Kathleen, the idea that someone would support the Popular Grass Roots Movement and actually yell "Go Tea Party" at an event in Texas, can be a disturbing experience. I guess if she had been watching the results of the recent elections she wouldn't have been so surprised and the shock to her system may not have been so severe.

Coincidentally in the above Video, Kathleen Says the "Parade was meant to Bring the Community Together". Which is one of the reasons she says the Tea Party shouldn't have been allowed to participate.

Maybe Kathleen shouldn't Throw Stones because I Fear she might break her own Glass House.

Because in 2009, The Mid-Cities Democrats had a Booth at a non-political event that, like the Parade of lights, was meant to be a "fabulous, free, family-oriented festival that brings our community together in an atmosphere of fun-filled activities" called the Euless Arbor Daze festival. Here is Video of that booth:

But Kathleen isn't the only one that 'Put on a Happy Face' for the Camera.

On the Video, the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce seems logical, reasonable and even supportive of the Tea Party Float. But again, the Article tells a Different Story.

The President of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce, RaDonna Hessel, is quoted as saying that the Float Selection Committee was caused to "Pause" at the sight of the Tea Party's Entry form:

"This year, the Tea Party's entry caused the float selection committee to pause, Hessel said. But "there wasn't anything in place to tell them 'no,' and you ... can't randomly exclude someone because somebody doesn't care for the organization itself," she said."

But due to all of the complaints the Chamber received, Hessel implies that maybe next year there will be Rules in Place so that the Float Selection Committee can say 'No':

"Hessel said the chamber will review its rules for changes to avoid a similar controversy in future parades."

Now after reading all of this you may assume that the Number of Complaints the Chamber Received must have been enormous, considering it is causing them to look at changing their Parade Entry Rules.

Well, Out of about 30,000 to 40,000 people who attended the Parade the Chamber received a mind blowing total of...... 7 Complaints.

Which we already know, thanks to a Letter to the Editor, consisted mainly of Kathleen's Family and Friends.

Nice to know the 'Christmas Capital of Texas' is so friendly.

Unless you are the Local Tea Party who wants to participate in a Parade with a Float that Honors the Troops...

Bah.. Humbug!


It has been brought to my attention that one other person quoted in the Article saying they don't approve of the Tea Party's participation is a known Democrat.

Mark Bauer, once Vice President(2008) and President(2009) of the South Lake Democrats, was quoted as saying:

"I was taken aback that they were allowed in the parade," said Mark Bauer of Colleyville. "I've been to many Christmas parades, and I don't remember any other political groups ever participating."

Now Oddly enough the Article failed to mention this little Fact...I wonder why....

Thank You to the Reader who Sent me this Information.


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Doug Edelman said...

Contrast: Conservatives WELCOME debate... they're CONFIDENT in their ideas, philosophies, facts and strategies! Leftists have no ideas, their philosphy is hedonistic, narcissistic, and nihlistic. They distort the facts to suit their agendas, and their strategy is stealth first, deceipt and trickery next, and when that fails - THUGGERY! Debate? NO! They want to SHUT DOWN any opposing voice, even when all they're merely saying 'We EXIST, and we support the troops!'