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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now P/Oed Patriot.com!

Before I officially come back to the world of blogging I am making a few changes. One of these is I have purchased poedpatriot.com.

According to google, even if you still go to poedpatriot.blogspot.com you will eventually end up at poedpatriot.com. So hopefully this will not interfere with the news feeds. If it does I apologise...

Also I will be updating and creating more on my zazzle account. New Tea Party Militia Gear Coming Soon!

As it looks now I will be coming back BEFORE December..... This Lame Duck Congress is going require attention....

Patch W Adams



Doug Edelman said...

Looking forward to your triumphant return, My Friend!!

Doug E

Lisa said...

Cool beans, Patch. Hope all is well with you and your family :)

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Hey Lisa email me when you get a chance. And we are doing better thank you.

Shirodhara said...

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