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Monday, November 22, 2010

Men Arrested for Trying to Videotape TSA Strip-Down

For myself and most of my fellow Bloggers out there, a video camera in your hand is a must when trying to report any event. So the thought of being arrested for using one of the most vital tools of Blogging is a great concern.

Well according to an Article on The Blaze, a man and his videotaping companion were arrested for something similar:

"On Friday, Wolanyk opted out of the advanced imaging screening at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field. When told he would need to get a pat-down, he instead stripped down to his underwear, the NBC San Diego affiliate reports.

“TSA needs to see that I’m not carrying any weapons, explosives, or other prohibited substances, I refuse to have images of my naked body viewed by perfect strangers, and having been felt up for the first time by TSA the week prior (I travel frequently) I was not willing to be molested again,” Wolanyk said in a statement on Sunday.

TSA requested that Wolanyk put his clothes back on in order to complete the pat-down, but he refused, according to his attorney.

While it’s not surprising that Wolanyk was taken into custody for stripping down (and we already knew that failure to complete the screening process could carry consequences), the charge of unlawfully recording the event is new.

“Harbor police also confiscated his iPhone and the video camera used by his companion, who was also charged with unlawful recording within the airport without permission,” Wolanyk’s attorney told the San Diego Union Tribune. “He was handcuffed and paraded through two airport terminals in his underwear to the Harbor Police office.”

Granted the Guy Stripping off his clothes was a bit over the top, but I can understand the frustration.

The TSA says that all video equipment and recordings have been returned.

To Read the Whole Article Go To The Blaze.


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