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Friday, November 26, 2010

Jim Wallis-'There Wouldn't Be a Tea Party if There Wasn't a Black Man in the White House'

Hat Tip The Blaze


Anonymous said...

Replace “black man” with “Marxist” and that might be a fair statement. However, I recall the Tea Party movement was originally spurred by TARP during the Bush regime. It just didn't have a name yet.

H.C. said...

This made me laugh...
are we reeeallly dealing with possible 5th graders (who really ARE smarter!)?

Zotta's Perspective said...

This FOOL thinks the Tea-Party is here because Obama is black. First off, he is a mulatto (his mother was white and his father black). The reason for the Tea-Party is because Barack Hussein Obama is a Socialist/Statist who wants to TRANSFOR...M America into a Socialist State. Obama said he was going to be TRANSPARENT, yet he refuses to disclose any of his documents, which puts doubts in peoples minds about him. The majority of Americans do not want this Great country TRANSFORMED into Obama's utopia. Obama is detrimental to this country and needs to be FIRED in 2012, unless he is impeached beforehand.