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Friday, November 19, 2010

Flashback: Communist Leader Earl Browder 1930's-1940's: "Most Democrats Cooperate with the Communists..."

The Comment starts at 4:40. Earl Browder Says,

"In every Important Country in the World(Outside the U.S. and Briton)Most Democrats cooperate with the Communists as Necessary to the Health and Progress of their Country."

He goes on to name France, China, etc as examples of how the Democrats and the Communists worked together to bring about Socialism/Communism.

Ironically, 60 years later, the Democrats in the United States are now working with the Communists to push "progress" in our country.

Those who don't know History...

Are Doomed to Repeat it.



H.C. said...

Very good video. Good job.

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Thanks H.C. But I must Thank the Communist Party USA for being Brave enough or Dumb enough to post such a Video.

Oh How I Love History!

H.C. said...

That bravery has been predicted, hasn't it?
They are insane.

Welcome back patriot!

Mr Patch W. Adams said...

Thanks H.C...