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Monday, November 29, 2010

DHS Checks Up on the P/Oed Patriot

One of my daily routines is to check my Google Analytics Program for any Interesting Visits.

Well Today I have one.

It appears 'Big Sis' has made a return Visit to My Blog, as this Screen Shot will attest:

So to my 'Friends' at DHS I would like to say HI! and make a suggestion. Possibly your time might be better spent on watching the ACTUAL Terrorists....

And Not Patriotic Bloggers...

Just a thought.



TonyM said...

They must be bored. Thanks for wasting my tax money DHS! Good job schmucks!

Anonymous said...

Obviously DHS needs its budget slashed. You should get a banner for your web page that says “Proud to be monitored by the Department of Homeland Security.”

feaust said...

Hello Patriot,yes i knew about the smart grid 2 years prior but on mentioning it was labeled "a nut",green men rooting through our garbage has begun here in Penrith new south wales,australia,you are fined if they find anything that should not be in your bin,they arrive in twos and wear green,also we will be forced to use the councils garbage bags which are very expensive,interesting also is "cloud computing"all the info they collect will be monitored globally.It doesnt matter what they throw at us the will of the people will allways win out.