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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christopher Hitchens on the Tea Party: They are the Silliest and the Nastiest

"Well... I think one of the great latent causes of anxiety in American society at the moment is the realisation among white people that if they're not going to become a minority - I think that's the way they think about it. That's a long way off. But they will no longer be the majority. That is rather different.

They will be the largest population but they won't be the preponderant one.

And the various forms that this anxiety takes, the silliest of which is the Tea Party. And in some ways the nastiest."

To Read the Transcript of the Whole Interview Go Here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funny to hear Hitchen’s accusations of “nasty”. He’s about as nasty as it gets. Although he makes some points I occasionally agree with, he doesn’t do it here. Polemicists and Anti-Statists naturally take an anti-Tea Party stance, but I don’t dismiss their criticism. I wish it were more constructive, tho.