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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yet Another Fake Tea Partier at 9/12 St. Louis Tea Party


badtothebohn said...

I was there for a good half hour holding that sign.

There were 2 of them - the white guy was holding a sign saying "Obama is an Islam" and the black guy held a sign saying "Teabagging for Jesus" with a hitler mustache on Obama.

Sharp will have a video too later.

Anonymous said...

Those guys were absolutely amazing

Anonymous said...

Yea - I sat by those crashers and listened to them talk for about 45 minutes. I think they raised a lot of good points (although their signs were definitely obnoxious). I'm somewhat new to the movement (that was my fourth gathering), and I'm still struggling to grasp what it is we're exactly striving to achieve. I think sometimes we're too "anti-everything," almost to a point of nihilism. We need to start speaking solutions.

Anonymous said...

I believe that we have been presenting solutions this whole time. We represent the roots that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, small gov't, fiscal responsiblity, free market. . . and on we go.

Andrew Limanni said...

Anyone notice the gal patting the black guy on the back at 0:15 in the video? I saw her earlier with a radio and other equipment obviously coordinating something - amazingly enough this is someone I have known in the past in art circles. Is she working for us, the Tea Party or is she an agent provocateur from the other side - if so, might be someone to watch at future events - always a good idea to keep tabs on the leadership cadres. Sorry I forget her name.

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy in the yellow shirt with the blue cap and the U.S.Army band, holding the sign "We're not with stupid". The white guy said he had interned in the US Atty's office this summer and they both said they were Iraq and Afghan vets. They sounded reasonable and said they couldn't understand why we were "hassling" them - they just wanted to join the party and they knew that most Tea Partiers thought Obama was a Muslim. After discussion, I told them that if they would throw away their signs, we'd stop following them around. I told them we had to be on the lookout for people trying to discredit us, such as the one guy with a sign the NAACP used to brand us as racist. The Black guy said nobody thought we were racist, and I reminded him of the above. He agreed that was a dumb thing for the NAACP to do. The white guy said he had no idea what we stood for and I told him lower taxes, smaller government and a return to the Constitution. We had a nice discussion about the Federalist papers, the commerce clause and the difference between amending the Constitution by the prescribed method or by judicial or legislative fiat. He seemed to be starting to see the light when his ego got in the way and he reminded me for the third time that he had worked in the US Attorney's office - I let my ego get up and asked him to say hello for me to Dorothy McMurtry, whose Health Care Fraud Task Force I had sat on for about 4 years. We thanked each other for a civil discussion and parted ways in a friendly manner.

Tom Jeffrey