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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ed Schultz Talks Down Restoring Honor Rally to Promote Progressive Leftest "One Nation" Rally

Ed Schultz has no Idea what he is talking about... as usual. So after SEIU and the other Unions Pay people to show up and bus them in I'm sure they will get maybe 100 people. But MSNBC will call it a million...


H.C. said...

What a B..tard
Here come the Communists to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

This man is an idiot. Obviously knows nothing of real American history. Still playing the race card for non-existant racism. Must make him feel like he's showing the black community that he is in solidarity and sympathises with something that has been over for decades. Hey, Mr. Ed, racism has been out a long time, and prejudice will be here in various forms forever, in fact you are a good example of prejudice for Sarah, Glenn & the Tea Party. Prejudice is rooted in misinformation (lies) and jealousy, most of the time. I can tell your jealous since you are a copy cat - like that really makes a statement, and I know you are misinformed. As far as hanging out with the union pyramiders, man, haven't you read in books going as far back as the 1800's that the "trade unions" have been the ruination of American productivity and has priced the US out of the foreign trade business. That's not rocket science either. All that striking for more and more $$, has cost us a lot! So you go side with those knuckleheads. Did you used to be a sportscaster? You look and act like a sportscaster, which would explain why you are OUT OF TOUCH with reality. Have fun wherever you're copy cat rally will be. Just remember this we all paid our own way and expenses to Restoring Honor, SEIU, ACORN, and the rest of those thug organizations will pay for those coming to your event, so you aren't comparing apples to apples. And hey, be sure to clean up the area because we will be inspecting it the day after!