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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dr. James Manning: "Tea Party: Worst Political Party In America"


MaryS said...

Consider this: After all these months Rev. Manning has not been able to get the attention via legal channels to do something about Obama's ineligibility to hold the office of president. I believe this is in part, due to the current corrupt congress who are willing to turn a blind eye to this situation. So, the tea party has chosen true conservatives to fill these positions, and since it appears no one will take action to remove Obama, at least new control of the congress (by conservatives) will render him impotent for the next two years. To allow Obama to continue on his socialist course continues to be more and more dangerous for our country. A lame duck congress is better than the current followers (Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, etc.) who will pass any legislation proposed. Then, in 2012, Obama willl also be replaced! Until then, we have to stay vigilant.

H.C. said...

I have experienced his frustration.
But until we get some power back, nothing cane be done...not legally or constitutionally, because the progressives have it all in a knot.
The day will be here when those we support in government, will be held accountable to follow through on this issue.
You bet MY voice will be loud and clear on this.
The tea party is NOT a political party, but it does reflect the will of the people...and there are plenty of us concerned about this.
We want those concerns addressed and acted on at the right time.
It would help make the job ahead,
to repeal,reduce and restore, easier.
I respect Manning. He is being hard on the Tea Party here.
But I think we can handle it.
Tough love...consider a Sargeant in the Army....

Anonymous said...

Who cares anyway? our government sucks all the way around.